Coach Gun Question/Recommendation

Coach Gun Question/Recommendation

This is a discussion on Coach Gun Question/Recommendation within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I'm thinking about getting a coach gun for home defense, but don't know much about them. Does anyone use one of these and can you ...

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Thread: Coach Gun Question/Recommendation

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    Coach Gun Question/Recommendation

    I'm thinking about getting a coach gun for home defense, but don't know much about them. Does anyone use one of these and can you give me the + and - of coach guns?
    Which brand/brands are recommended? Thanks

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    I bought a Stoeger Coach Gun Supreme with the nickle finish. I immediately sent it off for a redo ($200)...Stoegers are not known for excellence, but then they are only about $400-450.
    Now I have a smooth action, wild looking 12 ga 'welcoming committee' for the home front.

    I didn't buy it for hunting, primarily as a greeter for home invaders.
    Others here will recommend semi-auto, or pumps, and it's probably a great idea. I'm already armed...even in the house (.45's on my hip or within a quick reach).

    The coach gun is for easy movement around the house or for when there is a need for an instant attitude adjustment (I should make that...instant and permanent...attitude adjustment...time to meet Jesus statement.)

    If several individuals decide to kick down the door, several individuals are not going to be able to drink water without lots of leaks.

    I love the feel of that little guy...kind of like that..."Say hello to my little friend!" feeling.

    Stay armed...gotta' love a coach gun...stay safe!
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    Like retsupt sez, many of the good folks on here will advise a pump over the double, and not without reason.

    But I'm with the retired Super on this one: ain't nothing like staring the twin barrels of eternity in the face to effect rapid and heartfelt change.

    There is an internet legend out there on that very item. Some LEO's did some sort of a pseudo-scientific study and determined that when it came to raids, the officer who showed up at the scene carrying the SXS was usually accorded a little more respect by the BG's in terms of being listened to.

    So, like the retired Super, I've got a coach gun by my bed, too. A Remington (Baikal) Spartan 220. It's a super gun, and I recommend it.

    I've had some Stoegers, but being hard on equipment, I managed to hurt them. Not so with the Spartan.

    There aren't any perfect ones out there, but there are some darned good ones. The Spartan and the Stoeger line come immediately to mind.

    Cimmarron makes a sweet one - - but it's got hammers (so do some Stoegers and some Spartans), and if you don't want to mess with them, look elsewhere. If it weren't for the hammers, I would have gotten the Cimmarron.

    Some outfit from Turkey called "Huglu" makes SXS 12's, but I don't know if they make any with 20 or 18-inch barrels. They aren't particularly well known, but they do have an avid, if small, following.

    You can find used Stevenses sometimes. I found one locally, but it had barrels too long for my application (greeting committee for unwelcome visitors) and I just couldn't bring myself to take that nice piece of firearmery (is that a word?) to a smith and have it shortened. But if you can find a used Stevens, (311) - - I think they even denominated one specifically a "riot gun" ( 18" barrels), I'd jump on it like a cat on a junebug.
    "...bad decisions that turn out well often make heroes."

    Gary D. Mitchell, A Sniper's Journey: The Truth About the Man and the Rifle, P. 103, NAL Caliber books, 2006, 1st Ed.

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    I also have a Stoeger with 20" barrels, not as slicked up at Ret's, but it gets to job done, quite nicely. Shorter than my 870 or 500 by a good bit, well balanced, handles well. It took the role of HD shotty back when I was in a small college apartment, because it handled so much better in tight situations. It also has dual triggers, and both barrels can be fired simulaneously, although proper form is to use your trigger finger for one trigger at a time.

    You don't have the capacity a pump gives you, but in say a tight hallway two loads of 00 should clear it pretty well, and can certainly get the job done. I'd stay away from the hammer ones, but a Stoeger or Spartan should do just fine for ya.
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    A shotshell carrier on the stock and some practice and you'll pretty fast with it.

    I like the (hammerless) coach guns and as stated above, a double barreled shotty gets undivided attention.

    It'd be a very good choice for a HD weapon I think.

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    Stoeger makes a decent coach gun for the money. I have several and have given them hard use in cowboy action matches. Nothing wrong with using a double barrel shotgun. Allows for two sure fast shots, and that would probably solve most problems. With some practice you can reload pretty fast. I've become fairly quick with mine. I do keep a Rem. 870 for HD. It's got a hi cap mag and forend light. BUT, again, nothing wrong with a coach gun, simple to operate.

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