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(SNIP) The high end AK's over $1,000 are Krebs, Rifle Dynamics and Arsenal. These are considered by many as the top tier. Arsenal - out of Las Vegas also has AK's in the $700 + range. Vector and Lancaster make good mid price AK's but they are getting harder to find. Several threads on WarriorTalk give very good marks to the Arizona Response Systems AK's and as pointed out in the WASR review above, those by Henderson Defense seem good to go. You can get a feel for prices on Gunbroker. I am also certain you can find a solid AK out there at a gunshow or local gunshop in the $400-$500 range, which gets back to your question of what to look for - again the Motorhead review would be a good checklist. In summary, spend some time on WT, check out Gunbroker for prices, have a budget in mind and buy some ammo now.
I have four AKs from Henderson Defense; I can vouch for the AK's they sell....very nicely refinished, with no canted sights/gas tubes, and Tapco G2 triggers. One has a bit more mag wobble that the others, but nothing causing any feeding problems.

I have a couple of Arsenals...very nice too!

I'd love to get me something by Lancaster and ARS. I'd kill to get an ARS Galil.