Lower questions and AWB questions....

Lower questions and AWB questions....

This is a discussion on Lower questions and AWB questions.... within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I want to buy a fully assembled lower in the next week or so. I want to be sure to get what I need in ...

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Thread: Lower questions and AWB questions....

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    Lower questions and AWB questions....

    I want to buy a fully assembled lower in the next week or so. I want to be sure to get what I need in case the AWB is brought back to life with a new administration. I would be willing to spend $400 on a completed lower. Any suggestions? I would like a quality assembly with good parts.

    Additionally: In the event the AWB is brought back will I be able to buy uppers and other parts? I ask this because I want to get the lower now and build at my leisure. During the last AWB were parts available? Or did the ban just apply to complete rifles? Thanks for your responses.

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    there are lots of "ban compliant" guns still advertised by both dealers and manufacturers
    The muzzle end of a .45 pretty much says, "Go Away" in every language.

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    You can get a lot of lower for less than that:
    AR-15 LOWER RECEIVER at Brownells

    AR-15 LOWER RECEIVERS at Brownells

    As for parts, depends on what the Obamaban says. If it bans making a gun with the banned features, I would think you could not buy an upper with banned features after the law took effect. If you had a rifle in that configuration, you should be able to buy parts for it, like the last ban it would be illegal to install them on a reciever made after the effective date. The big question is how would you or The Man prove what configuration it was in anyway? As long as the receiver was made before the date of the ban, how would The Man know? Some other folks have suggested putting your receiver on a Form 1 as an SBR receiver. NFA stuff may not be covered under the ban and if you paid the $200 bucks tax on each, you would be under your price limit probably.

    But what's the worry, anyway? Obama and Biden are really not going to take away our rights, they both believe in the Second Ammendment, just ask them

    I have a couple of these ordered, lets just say I just say no to B.O.
    AR-15 FAR-15 RECEIVER at Brownells I'll probably make one a 9mm SBR. I'm doing an Uzi SBR, too and the magazines would be the same.

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    Buy a complete AR now or regret later...

    For double your money you can have the complete AR...
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    A friend just bought a complete CMMG lower from the local shop for $260 plus tax. Seems like a really good price.

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