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Thread: .40 S&W Carbine Options

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    I have a hi-point 4095 that has been totally reliable.

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    .40 S&W Carbine Options

    I read this post the other day and it got me thinking, I hadn't really shot my Ruger PC4 in a while. So off to the range we went with a few other friends....
    Chrono'd a few loads out of the Ruger PC4. I have a Vortex StrikeFire on it right now but I switched back and forth with a Cheapo BEC 3-9x42 Tactical BDC Ultra Compact Lighted Scope. Problem with the scope, the cross hairs get all out of focus is you go to full 9X. About all that is usable is 5X. Yea I know Cheap!

    I think I shot smaller groups with the 1X StrikeFire........I have lots of the Beretta Law Enforcement Only 96D .40 S&W mags converted over to fit the Ruger and I have more in a box somewhere that need modified........I took along a few 9 MM and .40 S&W pistols to play with also......
    Took several gallon jugs of water and an old vest to catch a few rounds. Shot the Pistols at 15 yds.......I was a little ashamed to post the photos from the KBI Browning Copy and the S&W 5906. Both shot about 2" to the right. When I got home I moved the rear sights. There is just no easy way to do it at the range......They will shoot better next time......All are Zombie Head Shot accurate and the PC4 .40 can do easily make Zombie head shots out to over 50 yds..

    RUGER PC4 .40 S&W
    155 Gr Federal Factory JHP's

    RUGER PC4 .40 S&W 180 Gr Federal Factory JHP's

    RUGER PC4 .40 S&W
    RCBS 38-40/10 MM 170 Gr RCBS Cast Lead FP
    6 grs Unique


    RUGER PC4 .40 S&W
    75Gr Power Ball

    RUGER PC4 .40 S&W
    180 Gr Remington 10 MM 6 Grs Unique

    180Gr Remington 10MM JHP PC4 40SW 50Yds 1 gallon water expired vest 6 Grs Unique

    CZ 75B RCBS 38-40/10 MM 170 Gr RCBS Cast Lead FP
    6 grs Unique
    1091 fps

    Those spots are just some unburnt powder on the KBI Browning.

    Shot a few rounds of .50 Beowulf into the water jugs at 50 yds. One was a 335 gr Rainer Plated HP over 37.7 grs of LilGun the other was a Honady 300 Gr FTX over the same amount of Lilgun.....The recovered weight of the 335 gr Rainer was 192.6 grains, the 300 Gr FTX was 216.5Grs and the remington 180 Gr HP was 167.5 grs.....
    .50 Beowulf 335 Gr Rainer Plated HP 37.7 grs LilGun 1 Gallon Water Jug, expired vest 50 yds.....

    .50 Beowulf 330 Gr FTX 37.7 grs LilGun 1 Gallon Water Jug, expired vest 50 yds.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Logan5 View Post
    here is one more to look at
    Kel-Tec SUB 2000
    Great/fun little carbine. Mine has worked flawlessly

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    I've got a High Point .40. Sweet, cheap, fugly, and a lotta fun!


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    Converting Beretta 96D .40 mags to work in the Ruger PC4 is easy. Take the Factory Ruger mag, look where the hole is in front, now go measure and mark the spot on the Beretta mags, The hole will be even with the hole that is on the side of the Beretta mags, just right in front in the center. When I did it I did a bunch, saved time. Mark the top, bottom and sides of the area to be cut out, I used Blue Painters tape. Center punch/dent the mag to be drilled/cut. Drill a 1/4" Hole in the center of what needs to be cut/filed out. I filed mine. Once you get a hole in the mag, they file easy. You will break bits, buy lots, the mags are very hard. It takes about 5-7 minutes a mag. File them till you get a good fit and they just lock in place. Square up the hole, in the end you will have a little rectangle hole in front of the 96D mag. The top of the hole is more important than the side to side when you are filing them. After the first one it was easy to come up with a patern....... The Sig is a 229 .40. I can post better pict if you need em, I will just have to take some more...The Beretta mags will be a bit longer than the Rugers but it doesn't matter, from the top of the feed lips to the mag catch notch in the mag is the same.....I haven't done it, but I think High Cap Beretta 92 9 MM mags will work in the PC4 too the same way. CZ 75B 9 MM High caps fit my CZ75B in .40 like they where made for it..... This is an Old Photo I will take a better one..Well when Photobucket decides to work I'll post some new photos I just took.......

    Look at the photos, you will get the idea. After having the post disapear once I really ain't in the mood to redo it in detail again......I have a dozen or so Beretta 96D mags and it only takes a few minutes a mag to convert them to Ruger PC4 mags......I've done so many, I can just about tell when I have opened the hole up enough to lock in place.


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