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Pistol Caliber Carbine or not???

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Thread: Pistol Caliber Carbine or not???

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    Quote Originally Posted by BAC View Post
    Good .223 or 5.56 personal defense ammo is going to penetrate a lot less than your .45s...

    what world are you living in ?
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    One where actual use has shown handgun ammo, even hollowpoints, performs like ball when it hits wall material (that means it keeps on going). That same world coincidentally sees personal defense ammo in .223 and 5.56 to be generally poor against barriers, as the round already has a tendency to fragment and many of those good defensive loads enhance fragmenting or spreading. That world also sees more law enforcement moving away from pistol caliber submachine guns for SWAT use towards 5.56 rifles, and it's not because of a sales pitch.

    If you use M193 or M855 for personal defense, shame on you; folks who aren't limited by the Hague Convention aren't using them for a good reason. Any round good enough to stop a person carries the risk of going through most walls. The .223 and 5.56 simply carry a slightly reduced risk of doing so compared to most pistol rounds.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sgtD View Post
    Put another way, if I were the type of guy who only cared to have one caliber of firearm to cover all situations that I would likely encounter, I'd be set with that combo. A .357 snubbie or mid-size revolver (or both) for concealed carry and a carbine for zombie hoards, looters and other miscreants that may have to be dealt with at a greater distance in times of rioting or civil unrest would nicely fit the bill, as would any combo in 9mm, .40, .44 .45acp or .45LC. In the semi-auto group I would also insist on interchangeable magazines to further simplify things. Of course, I aint that kinda guy, but none the less I can see where he would be coming from.
    I tend to agree. I'm still waiting for the MSAR 10mm GLOCK Mag carbine to come out simply due to the interchangeability of magazine with my sidearm. Having to only carry 1 type of round has MULTIPLE advantages, and having the ability to swap magazines back and forth is immeasurable. I know for a fact that a carbine will reach out and touch what my sub compact can not.

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    I'll stick to my Marlin 1894C and SW 28HP. 158gr SJHP's out of either will get the job done, plus I don't have to worry about having enough magazines. Anything inside 100yds with either is in for some hurt. This is also my B.O.B. along with a SW 66 2.5" for CCW needs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stetson View Post
    I'd rather have the ruger camp guns or the marlin camp guns if you can find them. they'll cost twice what a high point will but I want a quality rifle not a
    rifle that's stamped and made as a throw away. I know many of you will say the high point is a great carbine for the money that maybe ,but it's not for me.
    I'll pass until I have a need for one but now my ar 15 ably fulfills all the needs of these types of rifles with style no matter what brand you decide to purchase.
    My choice is a bushmaster
    To each his own, but my Hi Point 995 with the ATI stock I installed has several 1000 rounds through the gun with no issues at all. They may be cheap and I certainly would not use a HP pistol for CCW but the carbines work and work well. I own several AR's, AK's and a Marlin Camp 9 carbine and a Kel Tec Sub 2000 and I use these guns hard. The Hi Point 995 is accurate and reliable and a blast to shoot and I would not hesitate to use the gun for HD or in a SHTF situation. I have made several shooters with Berretta Storms look bad at the range and have used the HP at 3 gun matches and it performed very well. If you can only afford one carbine I would get an AR, but pistol caliber carbines are not only fun to shoot but have a place in my HD arsenal. These small rifles certainly don't have the power and range of rifle calber carbines but I can hit a man sized target all day at ranges out to 150 yards, basically to the limit of the 9mm round.

    Marlin Camp 9 is a great little carbine, if you like the Marlin Model 60 .22's or the Ruger 10/22 you will like like these 9mm rifles. Size and handling wise it kind of reminds me of an M1 Carbine. It also uses S&W Model 59 pistol mags which are relatively cheap and readily avalible.
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    I have the Storm, one of the joys of shooting it is the cost, reloading pistol bullets is easy and cheap, which means you shoot more.

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