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My New Bushmaster AR 15 any suggestions?

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Thread: My New Bushmaster AR 15 any suggestions?

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    Well, could be good to go as is, but...... Maybe a quad rail would be nice, then you could add a light, or light/laser? Thing about sights or scopes is, you don't have a removable carry handle. Not really a big deal, but you may want to stick with some smaller carry handle scopes in low power, or a red dot. Other than that, I added an ergo grip to mine....just couldn't take the stock grip long since I do shoot mine often enough. May also get some spare parts like springs, detents, and bolt parts. I swear by the Stoner perma-pin, and having an extra firing pin. I don't know what you think of collapsible stocks for the AR-15, but my Bushmaster Commando has one, and I like it better than the full A2 stocks, and the annoying 'twang' isn't there with the recoil spring. Have fun, and as usual, extra mags and ammo always ranks high on the list.

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    Scope, bipod, ammo and magazines.

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    As Rocky and BAC suggested, you should just (for now) get lots of quality magazines (i.e.: USGI, PMag, Brownell, or Lancer) and ammunition; maybe even a good two-point sling like the Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat Applications sling.

    Since you're new to the AR game, you really should be concentrating on the basics, including use and mastery of the iron sights.

    As suggested by BAC, get some quality training. It won't be cheap, but you'll get to know your AR inside and out; how it runs while dirty and hard. You'll learn not how to shoot your AR as much as how to fight with it.

    Only then should you be concerned with optics, weaponlights, and rails.

    All of that is just a suggestion of course.
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    My Upgrades

    I trained with a policeman up in Ohio for some time and this was the list of add ons he suggested.

    I have mine almost completed, but was set back by the NoBama election and concentrated on mags and ammo.

    Midwest Industries 2 piece non free float forend (QuadRail)
    Tango Down stubby vertical foregrip and battlegrip
    Vickers Blue force padded tactical sling with Midwest rail sling mount
    Aimpoint red dot sight the M2 is fine or EoTech is good....
    ARMS carry handle Aimpoint mount
    Surefire flashlight mount with surefire flashlight
    A bunch of PMag magazines (by MagPul)
    Surefire muzzlebrake

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    It is a good thing you got on this board when you did. You have no idea how many manufacturers there are out there that are just looking to take your money by selling you stuff you don't need for that rifle!

    Best thing you can do to protect yourself is to box it up and send it to me so you will not be tempted to bankrupt yourself on accessories!
    Trust me!!! You will thank me for it later!

    But seriously now, other than magazines which you always need, what are your plans for the rifle? If it is to be used as a home defense weapon you might want to think about a light for it. If you are going to shoot at extended ranges you might want a scope with some magnification to it.
    You can spend a small fortune accessorizing one of these things. I would define the "mission" first and let that dictate the bells and whistles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tim5357 View Post
    Yes on the sling, that one came with it. Question on ammo. What about the Eagle Russian junk? I got some good ammo, but that's the only one I can find locally in bulk. I got 1000 rounds but thinking of taking it back, not liking what I'm hearing about it here on the forum.
    I use the Russian junk ammo with my SKS, but I would not think of using it on my Bushmaster AR 15.

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    Like all the others said, pick what you're going to do with it first. I just bought one for HD/SD and it will be getting an Eotech red-dot, fore end grip, good sling, and light.

    Once you know what you'll use it for everything else will fall into place
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    You need to DUMP this gun.... send it to my house, after a couple of years check in with me, and I'll let you know if it's operating correctly.

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    You have to ask yourself what you are planning on doing with the gun.

    Buy mags and ammo. You can never have enough mags and ammo.

    If you just bought the rifle to plink with and don't plan on running any carbine courses with it or using it for HD/SD, then you don't really NEED much else.

    But what else do you WANT for it?

    Personally I WANT to add a quad rail, light, vertical fore-grip, rubber pistol grip, and an Aimpoint(man I love the 5 YEAR constant on battery life of these things) to mine, and probably will when I get my taxes back next year. Assuming that still happens in the USSA.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cwblanco View Post
    I use the Russian junk ammo with my SKS, but I would not think of using it on my Bushmaster AR 15.
    And I have run over 1000 rounds of Wolf ammo thru my Bushmaster. Seems to work fine. Would I use it for fine shooting? No , but it works at the 50 yrd line and saves me money.
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    A better sling, mags and ammo...other than that I'd leave it alone. It looks great.
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    Thats the best thing about our little black guns, you can do so many things with them!
    "The only purpose for a pistol is to fight your way back to the rifle you should have never laid down". -unknown

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    To those of you that said Eotech....i wouldn't necessarily suggest an Eotech on a carry handle... Since you don't have a detachable carry handle, I would say go with the irons for now, and upgrade to a flat top upper later on down the road once you are proficient with the irons.

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    Where are you Central Florida guys finding the best deals? GM, SS, etc?

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    I'm getting in this thread a little late, but here are my suggestions.

    1. ammo.
    2. Mags. I prefer 20's, but quality 30's are fine too. Get them while they are cheap.
    3. Parts kit. A few companies such as DPMS have prepackaged "Field Repair" kits. Get at least one while you can.
    4. Training. Everybody can figure out how to shoot an AR, thats easy. Few people know how to use the gun and really make it run. Carbine courses are a lot of fun too.
    5. All the other unnecessary tacticool stuff. Once you take a course or two, it will become apparent what will be useful to you and what is a waste of money.
    "Just blame Sixto"

    I reserve the right to make fun, point and laugh etc.

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