Saiga 12 gauge?

Saiga 12 gauge?

This is a discussion on Saiga 12 gauge? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Anyone here have any experience with these shotguns? Are they good or bad as far as reliability goes? do you guys think I'd be better ...

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Thread: Saiga 12 gauge?

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    Saiga 12 gauge?

    Anyone here have any experience with these shotguns? Are they good or bad as far as reliability goes? do you guys think I'd be better off with this or a Remington 870HD instead?

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    Had a boat owner buy one for boat defense purposes. He's been using it on his boat for about two years now with no reliability issues. If it can survive that abuse, I'd have no worries about using one. Any semi or pump can jam. The pump is not sensitive to weak, target type ammo. The Siaga should be fired with your preferred load ot be sure it works. That load will probably be full power buckshot for optimum reliabilty. You can fire the pump with anything that will fit in it. The Saiga can fire them only as an awkward single shot.

    It's a lot clunkier than any 870 or 500, though. so if it's "better" depends on how important a compact design is to you.

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    I bought one long ago, I paid $269.

    Its an AK 12 guage. Reliable as hell. Unimaginable that anyone on the business end would continue being a *******. I put 900 rounds of Wally world cheap birdshot through her before I cleaned her. 100%

    I teach shotgun and carbine course at work with Remington 870. The Rem is great, but the Saiga is a madman.

    I converted mine to pistol grip. Shown with Israeli style US made sling

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    I don't own one myself (unfortunately) but I frequent many shotgun forums and I can tell you this...everyone that owns one swears by them. So I'm pretty sure you'd be better off with the Saiga.
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    I've got one, and it's great. Hope this helps:
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    Not mine!

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    Hey guys, check out how a car can be shot to pieces with a Saiga in 2 minutes - YouTube - Saiga 12, Molot Vepr 12 vs. Alfa GTV 2.0

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    Pretty much what all these lucky guys say. I do occasional AK smithing, and I've never heard of any significant trouble with the Saigas. They even seem to be more ammo tolerant than Benelli, YMMV.

    The only "downside" is the cost of mags, and the vertical length. The SG being what it is, you basically have to decide, if you want high capacity, "do I want long or tall...?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joey75 View Post
    Hey guys, check out how a car can be shot to pieces with a Saiga in 2 minutes - YouTube - Saiga 12, Molot Vepr 12 vs. Alfa GTV 2.0
    Now that was cool. I remember doing that in Basic with an M60 to a deuce and a half on the range, ahh memories.
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    As it's an AK, albeit in .12GA (as well as there being .20 and .410GA's out there), it's typical AK-reliable.

    I have one and the only problems I've had were thanks to the aftermarket 10-round mags I purchased for it. No problems whatsoever with the OEM mags.
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    I know the majority of Open 3-gun shooters are switching over to them and it would have to be VERY reliable for that to happen.

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    Does the semi-auto Saiga 12 have the same general legal issues as other shotsguns or did they place this firearm in a different class?

    Long Story:

    My Glock is my go to, middle of the night, SD weapon. There is one (rather unlikely) SD situation I try to prepare for. For the unlikely, home and back to the wall, waiting for trouble to come, but LE is not going to make it in time, cover the hallway SD situation.

    I have been using an older (but very good condition) Model 12 Winchester (6 rounds) along with my other pistols, as my goto SD firearms. I've known for a while the shotgun I have is wonderful for hunting, but lacks a bit for home SD.
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