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Best shotgun round for HD

This is a discussion on Best shotgun round for HD within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Each of my HD shotties are loaded with 3" #4 Buckshot. 41 pellets compared to 12 for 00 3". Final round in each shotgun is ...

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Thread: Best shotgun round for HD

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    Each of my HD shotties are loaded with 3" #4 Buckshot. 41 pellets compared to 12 for 00 3". Final round in each shotgun is a 2 3/4" slug round but doubtful I'd ever need it unless I get attacked in my house by a grizzly bear.

    While I'm not advocating birdshot in a HD shotgun, I will offer up the following story for those who think that birdshot is absolutely ineffective. I've two ADs (NDs) in my life, and this was one of them.

    When I was about 21, my brother-in-law and I went dove hunting. He was using his brand new, never fired Remington 1100. On his first shot, it fired, chambered another round and then spit another round out of the mag tube on top of the carrier completely jamming up the gun. We went to my parents house and in their dining room I carefully pushed out the trigger group pins to remove the trigger group so I could remove the errant shell. I did this and put the trigger group back in as this was my first experience with this type shotgun and wasn't sure what would happen if I tried to cycle the bolt with the trigger group removed. As I inserted the trigger group, even though the safety was still engaged, the gun fired. 2 3/4", #8 dove loads. The shot column entered the left side of an antique, solid oak hutch, went through that side, blew about a 3" hole out the solid oak back of the hutch and then blew about a 5" hole in a plaster wall. This was an old-time plaster wall, not sheet-rock. For those of you who know, this stuff is about like cement over hard lathing boards. Luckily, it didn't penetrate out the other side of the wall as the refrigerator was on the other side but the damage it did to the hutch and the wall gave me a new respect for the damage birdshot can accomplish. And yes, my Mom wasn't a happy camper.

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    My safe only holds 00 Buck...

    If I need to use my 12 ga. double barrel for HD, it's going to be close range...I'll know where the lead is headed.

    Stay armed...00 buck for me...stay safe!
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    Pick up a couple boxes of Fiocchi managed recoil OO buck and try them out. You can thank me later.

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    for inside i would go with 00 or 000 buck. a slug is good for outside. i carry 00 buck in my shotgun on raids.
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    I just shot some 00 buck out of a Rem 1100 with modified choke from about 20 yards and the 8 or 9 pellets had a group of about 5 inches across. They blew out the 2x2 stake used to hold the plywood target holder up.
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    I wouldn't use anything less than 1 buck, but since its harder to find I just stick with 00 buck. I'm not worried about overpenetration with 00 buck - it will penetrate less than any handgun round. The only thing better for indoors that I have is my AR-15 - which is always my first choice anyhow.


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    You know.......I'm rather impressed with the #2 steel shot on target at the range out of my 870 18 1/2" cylinder bore from 10yds or less. 00 buck is what I have mine stoked with on stand-by, but a wider spread at the same distance somehow seems to be more impressive to me. Slugs however would be optimal IMO.

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    00 buck...accept no substitutes.
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    I do not use slugs no buck shot. For HD I use number 7 bird shot. It will not pass through more than a wall (people on the other side less likely to be injured) and I have personally seen the result of being hit with number 7 bird shot from across the room. It creates a massive wound that is near unsurvivable.

    Before any experts on here tell me I am crazy, remember, I have seen with my own eyes what bird shot will do to the human body from across the room. It is not a "shallow" wound. It works, quite well.

    Inside the house, you don't need buck shot. It just endangers the people you love who most likely are on the other side of the walls in your house. And you surely do not need slugs.
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    Remember, TN Mike, it's not about lethality, it's about quick incapacitation. Your single personal experience doesn't outweigh the hundreds of other experiences, or the laws of anatomy and physics... To wit, I've seen a man get shot at muzzle-contact distance with an AK, square in the upper back. He continued to fight, and eventually made a full recovery. Does this mean that the 7.62x39 round is incapable of stopping (or killing) a man given good shot placement and "bad breath" distances? Of course not - my single experience isn't enough to outweigh the thousands of other reported cases of the 7.62x39 round being an effective fight stopper.

    All that said - carry what you want and what you're comfortable with, just know that there are plenty of cases where other people have seen #7 bird fail to stop (or kill) with their own eyes.
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    I keep my HD shottie stoked with hot #4 but, with 00 and 2 slugs available on the gunstock. Chucking them in (if necessary) is a quick operation. Works for me.

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    Remember to practice combat loading your shotgun.

    This is where you load one shell on the action at a time. It is faster than reloading the tubular magazine when you have to keep up your fire
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    buckshot, 00 or 000...stay away from birdshot.
    "Being a predator isn't always comfortable but the only other option is to be prey. That is not an acceptable option." ~Phil Messina

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    00 buck.

    Specifically these:

    Winchester SuperX 3" 00 Buck

    I was keeping 3.5" 00Buck in my 870 Express Super Mag, but stopped because I was concerned about ammo compatibility and there isn't really that much gain.

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    I use the old standard...00 Buck. Honestly not sure why you'd want to use anything else.

    I keep Remington 3" Magnum 00 loaded in mine.
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