Best shotgun round for HD

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Thread: Best shotgun round for HD

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    Some folks are confusing # 4 shot with # 4 buck shot. Here is a table with sizes compared: The Ammo Bank
    Yoda, I am, yes.

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    I like 00. Your mileage may vary.
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    Way to many unknows ... but I would say the best round is the one that stops the BG.
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    I don't care what shell you would really suck to be on the receiving end of any one of them.

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    Flite Control

    Whatever you load for SD or HD, or for hunting for that matter, you owe it to yourself to pattern some of the Federal Cartridge Flite Control Ammo. All of my buckshot needs are served by the PFC154LR load. Premium 00 buckshot, buffered, plated and hard alloy in a low recoil load. From my defense guns it will hit a softball with every pellet at 60 feet. The PFC156 load in #6 shot (#4 on backorder) is my preferred home defense load for the rasons in my original post. If, like me, you load birdshot for HD, this load will keep more pellets on the target and maximize the payload you put into the target at typical house ranges. The same technology that minimizes stray pellets in birdshot keeps the buckshot pellets on target at longer ranges, too. It gives these patterns from cylinder bore "riot" guns, no chokes or expensive work or awkward long barrels required. If you take the time to actually pattern and practice with your serious shotgun, you'll be impressed. Serious patterning will show a real difference between this stuff and the cheap, unplated soft lead crappy stuff. I spent a lot of money to convert all of my serious ammo, and a good portion of my SHTF ammo stockpile to this (and the "Truball LR slug PB127LRS).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pro2A View Post
    I know, I know, any round would drop a BG... Shot placement etc... Currently I have slugs in my HD shottie. If I were to change it to buck shot, what would be the best?
    I stagger between rifled slug, then .00, Federal LEO brand. The Mossberg 590 carries 8 in the tube, 5 on the Knoxx Power Pack, and 6 on the Side Saddle carrier. Now I'll be happy if I get the bandolier from Blackhawk! products.
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    I like #4 buckshot for HD
    also keep rubber buckshot and 00
    in side saddle

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    Quote Originally Posted by OPFOR View Post
    #4 Buck, out of a short(ish) barreled shotgun, will do all that you need it to do at very close ranges without doing too much of what you don't want it to do...
    Does 14-14.5" fit in that "short(ish)" description, or are you talking something closer to 18-20"?

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    #4 Buckshot for me.

    I did my own "box of truth" test with 00 buck and #4 buckshot.

    Lets just say at 5 yards or less, the 00 buck is not what I want flying around in my house especially if I have guests over. Right through a 2 liter of water, then drywall, the 2x4 support, the other side of the drywall and splattered the gallon jug of water and continued through the other side of the water jug.

    #4 Buckshot blew up the 2 liter of water, then through the sheetrock, but either got embedded in the 2x4 or barely penetrated the water jug.

    So for my money, the #4 Buckshot penetrates well enough to mangle the goblin but not well enough to mangle anyone I don't want stopped.

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    After much testing and thought, I chose a low recoil No 4 buckshot. It might be my wife on the pump and she is not as practiced as I am. Accuracy and second shot counts - there may be more than one target. If it were just me, I would have more powder behind the pellets. I have not bought slugs for a shotgun in several decades. If I want slugs, a .45 is on my hip.

    Time was I would have said magnum 00. Like Precision, I have done some testing and I have a new appreciation for No 4.

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    If anyone likes podcasts, here is one that has some discussion on shotgun rounds for defense:

    ProArms Blog Archive 017B Homing in on the Defensive Shotgun

    Not the short video (it's interesting too) but the 'listen now' button. I like to download these and listen to them in the car. I'd be interested to hear if others find them interesting too.

    There is even mention of things I would have never thought of, like carrying some slug rounds in case a more long distance fight developed. However, some of these guys are cops and are expected to go after the bad guys. Me, I have to settle for chasing them off if I want to stay out of jail!

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    My HD shotgun is loaded with #6 game load for the first three rounds, followed by two 00 buck rounds, with six more 00's on the stock. I worry about over penetration because of my wife and daughter, use to load only with 00 before she was born, but now at least the first three will be lighter loads, if that doesn't stop them, then I follow up with the buckshot.

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    Am I missing something here? Some of you have said slugs, but that means you have to hit the BG with the first shot. If you miss, it might give the BG time to retaliate. Unless you just keep pumping slugs and hope to have a good shot. It might be dark, you might be nervous, etc. I would think it would be better to increase your chances with 0-0.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JonInNY View Post
    Am I missing something here? Some of you have said slugs, but that means you have to hit the BG with the first shot. If you miss, it might give the BG time to retaliate. Unless you just keep pumping slugs and hope to have a good shot. It might be dark, you might be nervous, etc. I would think it would be better to increase your chances with 0-0.
    At typical home defense ranges, 00 won't have spread much, if at all. Unless you live in a house with oversized rooms or very long hallways, buckshot requires just as careful an aim as a slug.

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