So I went into a local gun shop today - AR type rifles for $850...

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Thread: So I went into a local gun shop today - AR type rifles for $850...

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    So I went into a local gun shop today - AR type rifles for $850...

    It is just a little hole in the wall shop. Been there 20 years.

    He had 4 AR type rifles in the rack - $850 ea. I did not look hard enough to see if they were indeed ARs or replicas, I was more shocked that he had them,and even more so that they were under 1k. There was another that was a bushmaster lower with a something or other upper chromed bull barrel .223, may very well have been a bolt action given the size of the knob on the bolt. $1800 for that one IIRC.

    G & G guns, Lakewood CO.

    Said he had sold 25 in the last month.

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    Said he had sold 25 in the last month.
    Not half bad for a ''hole in wall'' shop!!!!
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    today i stopped in a small gun store in cleveland tn. new owner and the shop was much better than i have ever seen it before. good selection of hand guns. they had several ar type guns on the wall. i took a short look and the prices were between $850 to around $1,800. They also had some ak's guns and they were in and around the $500.00 side. i am happy that i got my long guns back in the 70's and 80's when the prices were low. they were selling guns as fast as they could do the paperwork. they said after the election the guns sales and ammo sales have been good. there were three in there getting guns when i was looking around.
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    Could be a lot worse...time to buy!
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    Time to wait. Those $1000 to $1800 ARs will be a lot cheaper in the secondary market in a year.

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    Just got off the phone with my brother. He was in his local gun shop today and they had several brand new AR-15's for under $1000. They also had pallets of 5.56mm Lake City ammo priced at $199 for 500 rounds. My brother purchased 500 rounds. Wish he would send me some of it
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