I nearly bought one of these, in camo, for my wife as a gift, but the guy at Bass Pro talked down to me while indicating he was too busy, so I walked out. I can understand having a bad day, but whatever happened to saying, "I am with a customer, but will get someone here to help you." There were other employees with their hands in their pockets, not far away. (His customer was quite far away, filling out the federal paperwork, so it is not like I interrupted them.)

My wife likes her 870, but just doesn't practice enough. She won't admit it, but I am 99% sure it is the recoil. I am reasonably sure she will love a 7615, and the collapsing-stock version is probably a better choice, for the adjustable length of pull, so it is probably just as well the guy at Bass Pro ran me off that time, as the camo version has a full stock. She works as a forensic investigator for the M.E., and knows what a .223 JSP will do to a human body, but she seems to find autoloading rifles too busy, compared to pump guns. We have plenty of AR magazines about, as I use an AR15 at work.