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My AR mystery

This is a discussion on My AR mystery within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; As an aside, also look at the new SCAR systems from FN!! If you are a fan of the 5.56...Great modular system and cool lookin ...

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Thread: My AR mystery

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    As an aside, also look at the new SCAR systems from FN!! If you are a fan of the 5.56...Great modular system and cool lookin to boot!!

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    Best of both worlds.

    PSL 54. AK-47 platform, 7.62x54r, 300-600m optimum range, effective out to 1km (with a lot of luck)

    $160 for 880 rounds, clean with Windex and a little oil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renshai View Post
    Depends on what you are using them for...Varminting and longe range stuff (600 yards or so) they are fantastic...For a combat weapon (250yds and in) wouldn't trust one ever again... (6 years in South America...They were CRAP own there)...The AK is by far the most tested, reliable and rugged combat rifle ever produced. Period. Hit anything past 300 yards? Probably not...LOL... The AR in the 6.5 Grendel from Alexandar Arms and the 6.8SPC are FAR superior to the crappy 5.56 Nato round...Definitely some nice stuff from AA and DPMS (See the new Sportical...$699!!!!) Stag and a host of others and they are fun to Accessorize....Just use them for what they are intended and they are one fine platform. Just don't expect them to perform like an AK in crappy situations. They don't and never will.
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    Yeah ARs work fine with a little lube and maintenance, which should be daily anyhow. They are easy to operate and accurate. Good rifle.


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    Check your newstand or Wal Mart for Guns&Ammo's latest publication 'Book of the AR-15' to be displayed until Feb 24, 2009. I picked mine up a couple of weeks ago at one of my local grocery stores. It really goes in depth and dispells some of the myths and actual problems that came out with the original M16 in Vietnam and the environment. Still today though, with the original gas operated design, and the bolt, it is definitely important to clean and maintain for good function. As stated previously, any of my malfunctions with my Bushmaster and previous models were all magazine related. I do keep a lot of spare parts for mine though, including a new bolt/carrier. Lately, I've been reading up on how to smooth the sharp edge on the extractor. My AR-15 is just as reliable as any of my other firearms, and I love and take care of them all.

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    First impressions linger, and the M16 rifles made a bad first impression in the Vietnam conflict. It has been trying to live that down ever since, and has largely done so quite successfully. I hate the amount of dirt blown into the receiver, too, but if the weapon runs well, so what? My Colt AR15A2 Govt Carbine was 100% reliable, and I hope the fellow officer who bought it from me has equal success, as he may save by bacon with it someday. I am about to test-fire and then qual with a full-length HBAR that I will be carrying on patrol, if it is reliable. I would not have bothered with the expense if I thought the AR15 was a bad platform. (I need the longer sight radius of the rifle; my aging eyes were not doing so well with the shorter carbine.)

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