Sig Sauer 556 'SCM' (MA/CT/NY 'AWB' compliant)

Sig Sauer 556 'SCM' (MA/CT/NY 'AWB' compliant)

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Thread: Sig Sauer 556 'SCM' (MA/CT/NY 'AWB' compliant)

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    Sig Sauer 556 'SCM' (MA/CT/NY 'AWB' compliant)

    So, tonight I bought a rifle.
    Well actually to be precise it's a carbine. But hey, lets not nitpick.

    It is the Sig Sauer '556' SCM.

    Something like 3 yrs. ago SigArms, who changed their US corporate operations name to 'Sig Sauer' last August, had debuted at SHOT show 2006 a new model 16" barrel carbine and 24" barrel rifle to be based on their famous and time tested SG550/551/552 line of military carbine and rifle series.

    I won't go into the history on this rifle and how it came to be what it is and here in the US, finally. That's pretty much well known at this stage and for those who don't know it's pretty easy to find out by either Google or hitting your local news stand as this thing has been in or on the cover of every industry rag monthly for 2 yrs. now.
    If you have not heard of it then you are either not a gun person, which is fine. Or have been living under a rock, which isn't so fine.

    As I am not in the immediate able to test this thing out I cannot provide a range report just now. Further my video camera is right now on holiday thanks to being loaned to my inlaws by Mrs. Janq. And the data & charging cable for my cell phone is in the bedroom where she and my 2 yr. old are right now dreaming of the beach, Elmo, and what ever other silly stuff they think about. So by that I'm kind of jammed up for the moment toward pics and what not.

    So to adapt and overcome I'll instead use pics sourced from Google Image Service to show what I'd otherwise photograph myself. And I will though point out and discuss some of the obvious and not so obvious differences between the normal 556 and the 'SCM' variant, which is intended to address sales demand in crap ass states that still adhere to the expired and defunct Assault Weapon Ban ('AWB') aka Federal Crime Bill of 1994. Specifically the states of MA, CT and NY.

    Some of these differences are benign, some are suck, and others are actually beneficial all depending on ones own individual perspective and intended use of the firearm.

    The 556 Variant Differences

    * Magazines
    The SCM variant 556 are OEM with a single ten round USGI type aluminum magazine as made by 'C Products' of New Britain, CT.
    The magazine retails direct from the mfr. at $12.99

    C Products Store

    While normal non-SCM 556's are OEM with _two_ Sig Sauer brand _thirty round_ polymer magazines with molded in interlocking feature allowing the operator quick and easy stowage of an additional ammo load out and thoughtless retention of the empty upon magazine change out.
    The magazine retails at $55.00 per _set_ of two with connector

    SIG Store
    "Mags are sold as a set of two (2) with connector. NOTE: This product is not available California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and currently Illinois where it is restricted in certain locals." - Sig Sauer website

    * Front BUIS
    The SCM variant 556 has a fixed and fully hooded front sight with a blade that is thin and half height therein. Anyone who has handled an HK MP5 would immediately recognize this sight.
    When I first handled the SCM this sight was the first thing I noted as being strange considering all over the internets folks are crying foul upset about the normal 556 OEM sight which is a simple folding blade of relatively thick steel clipped at the top end.
    Folks are replacing that with a folding unit from Samson which is quite close in design to the SCM variant fixed sight only with an open instead of closed top.

    The 556 'Classic' variant also comes with this same fixed hooded front sight.
    The front sight is available as part of a set with the newly released Sig Sauer rear dipoter sight at a retail of $254.00. The rear diopter sight alone retails for $222.00 which means the front sight has a net retail value of roughly $32.00.

    SIG Store

    Normal 556 OEM folding front sight
    I do not know what cost Sig Sauer is retailing the folding front sight for.
    Top Gun Supply lists this sight at $69.00

    Super huge closeup -
    Sig Sauer SIG556 Front Sight - Flip Assembly - Top Gun Supply

    Samson Manufacturing replacement 556 folding front sight
    The retail cost of this sight is $125.00.

    Samson Manufacturing: Quick Flip™ FFS SIG - Folding Front Sight for the Sig 556 Sight

    * Rear BUIS
    The SCM variant comes with a built in flat sheet metal aperture or 'peep' type sight that is nothing more than a piece of shaped sheet metal stored in a recess of the receivers top 1913 accesory rail with painted ranging markings.
    It is difficult to relatively access and deploy. When deployed it does not lock out and it is frankly cheesy on the whole. I would not deem this a BUIS as it's really an OMG the BGs firing on us are right over there and I took a bullet to my ACOG _and_ I stupidly forgot to install a real BUIS rear sight EMERGENCY ONLY temporary iron sight. Seriously it's weak sauce and for the coin this thing runs at retail IMHO is bordering on being inexcusible.
    On the other hand though the engineers might have been thinking that today with the tacti-cool set who like to double and even triple up sighting systems amongst their kit by having this solution and built into the rifle running flat and flush within the rail would save valuable rail real estate for other items which truth be told generally tend not to fail catastrophically without being hit or taking a hit. Devil's advocate.

    Additional to the built in rear BUIS the SCM model comes with and I quote directly from the included instruction sheet, an "Electron Dot Sight". Yes, "Electron"...not 'electronic'.
    All through out the instruction sheet it repeats this even at times in all capitals. It is "electron". Interestingly I noted no other typographical nor English translation errors which leads me to believe Sig Sauer wanted this to be stated as such. Hmm.
    Anyway it is a run of the mill by all appearances generic red dot reflex sight. The same unit that is OEM on the 556 'HOLO' variant.
    I have no idea how well or bad this unit works as mine came with no battery and the instruction sheet directs the operator to go out and source one (CR2032 type). I have none around the house and I'm not inclined to make a run to CVS just now, for this.

    Sig Sauer 'Electron Dot Sight'
    I do not know what cost Sig Sauer is retailing the folding front sight for.
    Top Gun Supply lists this sight at $149.95

    Sig Sauer HOLOSIGHT - STH400A - Top Gun Supply

    All other 556 variants come with only the built in rear sight and no additional sight system.

    * Stocks
    The SCM has OEM an AR-15 type A2 stock.
    Everybody knows what that is and looks like, trap door and sling mount included.

    All other 556 variants come with specific stocks per model as OEM by way of Magpul. The Magpul MOE and PRS stocks. As well as the 556 'ER' and 'HOLO' variants come with an M4 types adjustable stock.
    The costs on the Magpul stocks range from $59.95 for an MOE up to $255.00 for an AR-15 type PRS; STOCKS : ++ Magpul Industries ++

    Further the SCM has a fixed stock where as all other 556 variants with exception of the DRM rifle do come with a hinged and folding stock.

    * Barrels
    The SCM barrel is the same barrel as regular non-SCM 556 variants with exception of having no flash hider nor threading. The OEM flash hider has an 'ACME' thread pattern so as to be compatible with various manufacturer suppressors.

    I do not know how much a Sig Sauer 556 barrel retails for be it smooth or with flash hider. Nor do I know what their OEM flash hider retails for.
    Note that the DRM variant 556 rifle with it's 24" barrel is the only other model to not have a flash hider.

    * Receiver Markings
    With the 556 overall the receiver is the serialized part rather than the lower as has been traditional with such type firearms. On the SCR in specific it is further identified by nomenclature amongst the receiver stamping as being...


    Further below that stamping is the firearms serial number, my own being 023XXX.

    All of the rest of the 556 'SCM' is generally same as any other 556 variant with exception of known variant specific features and additions.

    Going into this purchase I knew I was going to get a MA legal firearm.
    By that I assumed it would be neutered in some way in order to play nice by law amongst the AWB constraints, which here in MA were actually written into state law (!).
    Before beginning this write up I had a feeling about the rifle after playing with it at home for an hour. It was on the whole good.
    At this moment right now having detailed the above and checked against the other variants available, I feel even better!
    And here is why...

    The Analysis

    * Magazine
    Buyers of the SCM get short changed with the OEM magazine.
    It probably functions fine and is reliable. But it's just 10 rounds and has a retail value at just under 5 times that of the OEM magazines plural that come with all the other variants.
    It would be nice if we were to receive 4 magazines or hell even two. But one? Might as well provide no magazine as the value we wind up eating on the loss against the OEM Sig Sauer magazines plural basically equates to having been provided no magazine at all.
    Thanks fer nuthin...!

    Advantage - Normal variant 556s

    * Front BUIS
    I personally very much prefer the OEM sights as provided on the SCM and Classic. I have no problem with them not being foldable. And as to use of a non-magnified optic sight be it the OEM red dot or say an EOTech I personally can run either against a fixed sight such as the hooded type provided and not have a problem.
    If the SCM had come OEM with the folding blade sight as other variants do I very likely would have swapped out to another option such as that by Sampson. That sights blade is overly thick for anything but close distance coarse firing.
    Or for the coin I'd try to score this fixed hooded sight direct from Sig or from some Classic variant owner who no longer wants theres.
    My only change to this sight will be to run a line of signal orange paint along the blades edge, which again is my own preference.

    Advantage - SCM variant 556

    * Rear Buis
    I'm going to ditch the OEM red dot sight and toss that on to my HD shotgun.
    If it breaks there then well no big deal all things being relative.
    I plan to invest in the Sig Sauer 'Rotary Diopter Rear Sight' instead as mated to the fixed OEM front sight.

    SIG Store

    In between those two I'll likely run an EOTech 551 I have laying around amongst my gear.
    As the other variants come with nothing but the IMHO crappy built in rear sight I'd rather have the red dot sight than nothing at all. I'd bet that the folks at Sig figured by tossing this in toward the SCM made up for the dollars we lost on the magazine suck.

    Advantage - SCM variant 556

    * Stocks
    Even as I like A2 type stocks this item is a no brainer.

    Advantage - Normal variant 556s

    * Barrels
    I personally have no preference here.
    Suppressors are banned for purchase or possession in MA, never mind the additional AWB rules of the state. And even if it weren't it's not likely that I would invest in one anyway.
    But for those others who are numerous who would do so then the lack of the OEM unit is a real dollar loss.

    Advantage - Normal variant 556s

    * Receiver Markings
    Being marked as "SCM" which will come to mean AWB state origination doesn't bother me a bit. It's not like I couldn't down the road sell this to some person in a non-AWB state or myself move to a free state and convert the unit into something other than an SCM variant by pieces and parts.
    This is a no big deal item really that doesn't hurt anyone and helps Sig with inventory tracking I suppose.


    Final Opinion:
    Having a SCM variant isn't so bad.

    In fact it's actually as good if not better than some of the other models.
    Even as the stock is a regular A2 and is non-folding there are people swapping out their folding assembling to have a non-folder like this. And as to the stock itself aside from having LOP issues at the individual level the benefit for a civilian to have an adjustable stock are minimal outside of the PRS in specific, which comes on the far more expensive DMR rifle variant 556.

    By analysis some folk from non AWB states might just actually be better off with an SCM variant on the whole as opposed to a bare bones Classic or ER variants and even the HOLO which comes stock with the well regarded as cruddy folding front sight.

    That's all for now.

    Once I actually get occasion to call Sig to ask about if there are any barrel break in suggestions, sight it in, and put holes in some inanimate targets I'll come back to do a how does it function review.

    - Janq
    "Killers who are not deterred by laws against murder are not going to be deterred by laws against guns. " - Robert A. Levy

    "A license to carry a concealed weapon does not make you a free-lance policeman." - Florida Div. of Licensing

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    Lots of good information here SIG 556 :: Index

    EOD - Initial success or total failure

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    Thanks Tickle.

    I'd come across that site and have been lurking there for some time prior to pulling the trigger yesterday.

    Between there, and SigForum though I had not found one accurate reference of how the AWB state 556 variant might be setup. And the few who actually had such a variant didn't post much in the way of useful info to discern theres from any other aside incorrect information such as the bayonet lug being removed (not true) or that 'SCM' stood for "State of Connecticut Model" (SigForum).

    SCM = 'Sport Configuration Model' per the cover page of the owners manual

    If I had been able to source the above info months ago, via the above forum info sources, when it debuted I likely would have submitted an order against one some time ago knowing what I know now. The SigSauer website makes no reference at all to this variant. By dumb luck chance I happened to stop in at the gunshop as I have an SBS there awaiting ATF form 4 approval. As Iw as in the shop I saw this unit on the wall and immediately knew what it was but could not believe I was seeing what I was seeing. I would not have ordered one knowing what I knew prior, which was little in the way of facts and my own assumptions about how an AWB state version might be hacked up...which in reality is not the case at all.

    I've been taking pics of it tonight and will UL them later tonight if not tomorrow.

    - Janq
    "Killers who are not deterred by laws against murder are not going to be deterred by laws against guns. " - Robert A. Levy

    "A license to carry a concealed weapon does not make you a free-lance policeman." - Florida Div. of Licensing

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    The Sig 500 series rifles are banned under Connecticut General Statutes § 53-202a (a)

    It is specifically referenced as: "SIG 57 AMT and 500 Series" in paragraph (a) 1.

    As this weapon is called the "556" it is arguably under the 500 series, and I would not attempt to buy or bring one into Connecticut unless informed in writing by the State Police Firearms Unit or the Gun Trafficking Unit.

    Benjamin v. Bailey, 234 Conn. 455, the case dealing with the constitutionality of the CT AWB, and specifically dealt with the issue of the word "Type" in the statute appearing with the AK-47 and MAC
    "types" and the Auto-Ordnance Thompson "type."

    State v. Kalman, 93 Conn. App. 129 (2006) quotes and further explores the issue of "type" related to the Thompson...

    "... Benjamin made a distinction with respect to AK-47 and MAC
    "types" and the Auto-Ordnance Thompson "type." Id., 485-86. As to
    the latter, Benjamin noted that unlike the other two "types,"
    the term Auto-Ordnance Thompson was claimed to be facially vague
    "not because no firearm comes within its core, but because too
    many firearms do." (Emphasis in original.) Id., 486. For that
    reason, our Supreme Court "read the statute narrowly in order to
    save its constitutionality, rather than broadly in order to
    destroy it." (Internal quotation marks omitted.) Id.
    The court
    therefore concluded that "the phrase Auto-Ordnance Thompson type
    should be interpreted to include only those Auto-Ordnance
    Thompson firearms that share characteristics similar to the other
    weapons listed in § 53-202a." (Internal quotation marks omitted.)
    Id., 486-87.

    When the word "Series" in the statute referenced to the Sig 500 Series is explored through the interpretations of Benjamin v. Bailey (supra) & State v. Kalman (supra), it is more likely than not that the State Police would consider the weapon contraband, and the person possessing it to be in violation of C.G.S. § 53-202a (a) 1 and subject to the sanctions of C.G.S. § 53-202c, a Class D felony.

    Under this section your term of imprisonment is a mandatory 1 year which may not be suspended or reduced by the Court.

    (That means if you are convicted, you ARE going to prison. Note I did not say "may"; the Court literally does not have the authority to do anything less than 1 year inside.)

    Unless you have some official documentation from the Connecticut State Police Special Licensing & Firearms Unit (the Connecticut State Police Gun Trafficking Unit would be fine as well, because I have the numbers for both units on my cell phone's speed dial...) stating the SIG 556 rifle is legal in the State of Connecticut, I'm going to have to call you on the information you have posted.

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