Targets for defensive shooting

Targets for defensive shooting

This is a discussion on Targets for defensive shooting within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Greetings everyone! Where would be a good place to pick up some human-silhouette targets for defensive shooting? Or if that is too obvious and the ...

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Thread: Targets for defensive shooting

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    Targets for defensive shooting

    Greetings everyone!

    Where would be a good place to pick up some human-silhouette targets for defensive shooting? Or if that is too obvious and the ATF are going to crawl up my behind over it, what could be used instead? Anyway to improvise a target like a plastic jug with some heavy weights in the bottom to keep it standing upright?

    And I've read elsewhere that good defensive training is to place 3 targets at 3, 5, and 7 yards. That sound like a decent setup for home-defense purposes?

    Thanks and God bless you,

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    You can make a few inexpensive target stands from PVC pipe and wooden tomato stakes. I like to use different types of targets - not only silhouettes, but discretionary targets, such as these. The idea here is to have a training partner to call out a random number as your target. I need to thank Rob Pincus for introducing me via DVD to these - they've helped a lot.

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    I get my cardboard and poster silhouettes from my local indoor range for about 80¢ each. I have about ten of each right now and picked them up last week. I don't use them much though....just every now and then for personal practice at my local outdoor range. If I'm shooting at the indoor range, I'll just use what they have. At the club range, I'll usually put up a large cardboard back, and staple some white 9" paper plates for practice on the 25yd stand and I move to different ranges from it. Right now, I don't have any portable stands to set up from the firing line, but I usually have the range to myself when I go. I have all sorts of things I use for targets, old Christmas boxes, pizza box tops, 24pk Coke dividers, etc....... It may be rednecksville around here, but unless I'm doing one of those local IPSC matches, I don't regularly shoot the silhouette targets.

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    If you want cheap realistic targets, cut out body shape fron cardboard, staple 8x10 photo from magazine add, drape target with worn out clothes. Only real expenditure is staples if you use cardboard from old boxes, photos from magazine to be recycled and clothes to be tossed.

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    Yoda, I am, yes.

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    I would pick up some IPSC or IDPA targets to use. They are rugged, fairly inexpensive and they are universally accepted at just about any shooting range so you do not have to worry about getting the hairy eye ball from anyone. Check out Target Barn

    For an added bonus this company strongly supports the shooting sports so I try and give them as much business as I can.

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    For SD practice, I still like the standard old B-27 targets. Get some target pasters to cover your bullet holes and help keep overall cost down.

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    I use IDPA targets on which I tape a regular 8.5x11 sheet of paper (buff or white) on COM and use it over and over until it falls apart.
    I put them straight or angled or even horizontal to simulate different situations.
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    One note of caution: some jurisdictions have made it illegal to use human replica targets... Just something to think about, I saw one place in the New England area that had done so, so bear it in mind.

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    Take a paper shopping bag and cut it in half (cut from the widest side to widest side).

    You then have a man sized silhouette target
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    Anatomy targets, discretionary targets (good call Chooie), paper plates, plain ol' index cards, Split Second targets, torture dots... really anything that'll make you think. Start the range session on precision shooting, do your drills, end with precision shooting.

    A shot timer is good for this, too.

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