Help, please, M1 Carbine problem

Help, please, M1 Carbine problem

This is a discussion on Help, please, M1 Carbine problem within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I spoke about this briefly several months ago. I finally got out to Reddington Pass (Tucson) to zero in my Plainfield Carbine (thanks, JD, for ...

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Thread: Help, please, M1 Carbine problem

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    Help, please, M1 Carbine problem

    I spoke about this briefly several months ago. I finally got out to Reddington Pass (Tucson) to zero in my Plainfield Carbine (thanks, JD, for the advice). I bought it this fall with five mags ranging from 5-20. ALL have FTF jamming issues. The only one that works fairly well is the 20 round but I must only put about ten rounds in it. In one thread it was suggested I trade out the "old" springs for new ones. For almost the same price, I can get Korean 15 rounders in a sealed package. Questions:
    1. Change out the springs?
    2. Try one of the Korean mags and see if that fixes the problem?
    3. Take it to my local gun guy and see if it's a ramp problem, etc.?
    4. Send the whole enchilada back to Plainfield? Anyone know their warranty program?

    I really want this thing to work. It looks almost new and (surprise) I got a great deal on it. Also, I don't want to sell this to someone else to inherit the same problems. Thanks! Tom
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    If all the mags are having problems I would suspect the rifle may need tweeking or repair.
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    did you get the mags new or used? If they or any were new I would say it is the rifle. If all the mage were used get a new mag (not the korean ones cause even if sealed not sure if they are new). if the new mag does the same as the other mags then IT IS the rifle.
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    If you want to send it to Plainfield, you'll need a time machine. They're long out of business. You can't accurately diagnose the problem without a good magazine of known quality, but there are a few things to look at. First, make sure the mag catch is not worn and the spring is good. You don't want too much play or for the mag to rock back and forth in the well. Also try some new recoil springs to make sure the bolt is moving at the speed it should. Be aware that the Plainfield needs 2 springs. Numrich stocks them. Check the extractor, ejector, and extractor springs, too.
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    These guns almost never get a good detail stripping and cleaning, either. Just that may solve your issues. Keep us posted please.

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