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Thread: semi auto rifle

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    Get the AK...I'd go with 7.62x39 as it is the most common and is domestically produced (although the domestic stuff is much more $ than the foreign).

    Quote Originally Posted by QKShooter View Post
    An original IMI import Israeli Military Industries built Galil will run you some pretty huge bucks these days. $2,500 to $3,000+

    Any Galil that you find for $600 will either be a domestic knock-off or "parts built" on a domestic receiver.
    +1...The ones I've seen around and on the 'net are being built by Century...quality ranges from "okay" to "shoddy" from what I've heard.
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    I'd buy an AK real soon as I don't trust this new administration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr surveyor View Post
    for what it's worth, I just can't consider an 8 pound SKS commie gun to be a "home defense" least NOT a house gun.
    Only 8 rounds? Mine commie made SKS (Russian) holds 30 rounds. My SKS has lasted me for 40 years with little maintenance and no repairs. In addition to the 40 years that I have had it, I have no idea how long it was used by a dead North Vietnamese soldier before that.

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    where in the world do you get the 8 round idea????

    I have three 30 round mags and three 15 round mags, all loaded with jhp ammo, all the time. For home defense, and I'm "in the country", my shooting extents would not be over 75 yards outside, and only a few feet inside. I can slice the pie with the short CX4 all through the house, and the lower front rail light will light up a pretty good area if needed.

    And, for what it's worth, there ain't much difference in poi/poa between 50 and 100 yards.


    oh, and I have had my share of commie guns to play with. I just don't consider them comfortable in close quarters.

    edit to add.... I see you mis-read "8 pound commie gun" as "8 round commie gun"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reicher View Post
    I shot my AK at a tree 14" in diameter at 25ft with HP ammo, and it went straight through.
    May be off topic here, and this has nothing to do with destroying trees that are important for habitat, or our survival here on this earth. But if you want to shoot at trees (which are round and hard depending on the wood), just be ready for a bullet to skirt around the circumference of the tree just under the bark and come back at you. And at 25ft, you're not going to have much time to duck. With any spire point like the rifle rounds or calibers we are talking about here, it's a real possibility. I'm serious, and it can happen.

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    I guess anything's possible but I've shot a jillion mesquite trees and also a few various other trees and have yet to see this phenomenon. What sort of trees are we talking about?

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    I shot a tree with my bb gun about 40 yrs ago and it came back and got me. Never forgot that and have never shot a tree since.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bowdenknxvll View Post
    Hey guys, I am looking into getting a semi auto rifle with my tax return and had some questions. I am new to rifles as handguns are my main purchases, but have been researching most of the rifles available. It will mainly be used for plinking, but might like to have it ready for a home defense gun. The four that I am looking at are the Cetme, Galil, SKS, and of course the AK. I really like the fact the Cetme shoots the 308, Im not a big fan of the Galils 223 but it seems like a nice compact package with greater accuracy than the AK. The SKS is much cheaper, but if I find a nice one I think it would work for my needs as well. As for price it looks like the Cetme is about 700 the Galil 600 AK is anywhere from 500 up and the SKS is 250 and up. Which would be the better starter rifle and the better bargain?
    For what you describe, have you considered a pistol-caliber carbine? The High-Point is butt-ugly, but it's also reliable, affordable, and comes in 9mm or .40 so you probably already have SD ammo for it. In 9mm it would be very cheap to practice with, and effective out to 100+ yards. The worst thing about it is that it only uses 10-round magazines, but they're easily obtained and not very expensive.
    Worth considering, anyhow.

    Stay safe,

    Chuck Brick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ellerblr View Post
    You may want to reconsider the "x39 ammo is more plentiful" argument. Most places have Wolf .223 less expensive than 7.62x39. In the long run, the domestic supply of .223 (or .308) could tip the tides against an SKS or AK.
    Imported ammo supplies have been concerning me, too. The party in power may take action against imported ammo. I do not want to inject politics into this discussion; just pointing out a very real possible effect on future ammo costs. Anyone already sitting on a lifetime supply of Russian or other foreign ammo, of course, will have a different perspective on this than someone just now shopping for weapons and ammo.

    While I have some amount of ammo set aside, I don't yet own any "x39mm" or "x54mm" weapons, so I have none of that ammo. That is a consideration as I ponder whether to acquire a weapon chambered for such ammo. If my future-purchased ammo will be made in the USA, I don't see the AK/SKS ammo as being any friendlier to the wallet than .223/.308.

    FWIW, I consider 12 gauge and .223 to be entirely adequate for home defense and other close-range defensive use, which is just as well, because my chief expects me to use the same weapons for SD/HD that I use on the job. Buckshot, slugs, and .223 55-grain JSP have been nailing felons for quite some time, so I don't feel handicapped living within those ammo guidelines.

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    Since you're already a fan of handguns, I'll bet you have some that shoot .44 or .357 magnum. In which case, I'd suggest you get a "John Wayne Assault Rifle" - a lever action carbine. I was sort of stuck between the Beretta CX4 Storm and the Bushmaster Carbon 15 (since I've already got pistols in 9mm), which already reflected a prejudice against gas-operated actions in favor of the simpler blowback, and then thought, why do I need anything that complicated or specialized? A decent lever action holds 9 or ten rounds, works fast enough, and is fun to shoot. Not bad on white-tails, too.
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