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Best and Worst makers of: AR15, AK47, Galil, Uzi

This is a discussion on Best and Worst makers of: AR15, AK47, Galil, Uzi within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Wow well the OP asked for opinions and he sure got them. Everyone will have ideas on what is best, works best, looks best on ...

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Thread: Best and Worst makers of: AR15, AK47, Galil, Uzi

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    Wow well the OP asked for opinions and he sure got them.

    Everyone will have ideas on what is best, works best, looks best on so on based on their individual preference or experience. I carry and use M4's and AK's on a daily basis over here and have seen top quality guns bite the dust and junk keep on working it all depends on the operator and how they maintain the rifles.

    AR's are up in the air. Spend more money, generally, get a better gun. Some love Colt's others hate them everyone has a preference. One post made a lot of sense though spend your money on the upper. Barrels, bolts and sights will determine how well the gun will perform, again generally speaking. Knight, Noveske, Colt, Daniel Defense just to name a few are great rifles. Yes I know there are many others.

    AK's run the entire course from surplus stuff that while it shoots may not look the best or work the best to well made factory models which will stand the test of time. Arsenal and Norinco are the two that I would carry and use given a choice. I have owned, shot and carried WASR's, Yugo's and many others they all worked when the time came there are just some better than others.
    As far as my personal rifles and custom stuff goes I rely on Rifle Dynamics for all my long guns both AR and AK. Not gonna lie they are expensive and you wait a long time to get them but they are worth it. Would the average person need a custom rifle? probably not something out of the box would fill every need they would ever have I use and abuse my rifles when I am home and demand and expect 100% reliability and the utmost accuracy from whatever I am shooting and these rifles meet that need.

    Rifle Dynamics M4 with Fail Zero (Nickel Boron Coated) upper receiver, BCG, Bolt, Charging Handle and Hammer. Will fire upwards of 5000 rounds without cleaning and devoid of all lube. Knight URX rail system, rifle length, over a carbine length gas system. This rail system replaces the barrel nut so the barrel is completely free floated.

    RD AK built from a Norinco 5.56 AK. 1.6 mm reciever and original Bulgarian Triangle Folder custom fitted to the rifle. The Surefire Flash Hider will accept a supressor.

    RD AK built again from a Norinco 7.62 AK. 1.6 mm reciever and original AK 100 Russian Sidefolder custom fitted to the rifle. This stock is the best folding stock made for the AK series of rifles. Both AK's are running Bolten Gas Blocks which moves the front sight back and integrates it with the gas block on the AK series.

    In regards to the Golani's and UZI's. Not many can afford an original Galil/IMI rifle. Same with the UZI carbines so companies fill a void. Many are hit and miss as far as quality and reliability so you take your chances. If you can test fire and examine them before hand might not be to bad. Most are put together with possibly some original parts but the receivers are often thrown together and out of spec so you are taking your chances.

    Hope this helps.
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    "A first rate man with a third rate gun is far better than the other way around". The gun is a tool, you are the craftsman that makes it work. There are those who say "if I had to do it, I could" yet they never go out and train to do it. Don't let stupid be your mindset. Harryball 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockywillson View Post
    I am planning to build a new ar15 ground up and need to know some important things, does ar 15 parts matter if they bought from different manufactures like I buy lower receiver from one company and lower receiver trigger parts from some different company. Is this make any differences of choosing different ar 15 manufactures company for one product.?
    There are some companies that have different specs for the LPK (large and small pins) and receiver extension tube (commercial and mil. spec.) that you have to watch for, otherwise, yes you can mix and match brands. If you spend the time researching and shopping around, you can build a tier 1 AR for $700 - $900 consisting of BCM, PSA, DD, Noveske, Colt, and so on. You can also still get a complete PSA Patrol Rifle with Aimpoint for $1200 (the Aimpoint
    PRO is $400+ alone).

    The pricing that I am seeing here is a bit inflated. Out of the box base line Colt 6920 is in the $1100 range. So the price point is closer to $200 to $300 for "Known reliability" and "Known issues". I'd rather buy something (and did) that I don't have to spend additional money and time making it right, than saving money to spend on 500 rounds of ammo. In the end by the time you buy your rifle (regardless of brand), extra mags, optic, sling and other accessories, you will be in the $1800 range on the low side. Heck, my upper alone was $1200. If you seriously want to get an AR for more than shooting dirt clods, figure on $3k by the time you toss in ammo, gear, accessories, and a training class or 2.

    I am less than 6 months into my first AR and my checking account is on life support. Attending my second carbine class next weekend ($1k between the 2), $$ on setting up for reloading ($500 - $.17 per round end result), Rifle ($2400) additional gear and accessories bought after the initial "Complete" (still totaling that dollar figure). But I know that it will out shoot my abilities, and out live me.

    Far and long I would avoid Bushmaster and DPMS, dirt clod shooter or not.

    AK - no experience. I had a Nornico (sp) SKS that I had zero problems with (used AK mags). Russians designed them, I stick with an import from the motherland.

    Uzi and Galil - same as the AK.

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