Home Defense 12 gauge or AR 15?

Home Defense 12 gauge or AR 15?

This is a discussion on Home Defense 12 gauge or AR 15? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; For the purpose of defending your home from intruders in the night..what would you choose 12 gauge pump or AR 15? I know there are ...

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Thread: Home Defense 12 gauge or AR 15?

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    Home Defense 12 gauge or AR 15?

    For the purpose of defending your home from
    intruders in the night..what would you choose
    12 gauge pump or AR 15?

    I know there are pros and cons with both. Since
    I am close to other houses I would probably have
    to go with the shotgun..now if I was out in the
    country maybe the AR 15.

    What say you?

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    Niether, I use a lever action rifle.

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    Pump!! Close neighbors and (God willing) will have a baby in the next room in August....
    Quote Originally Posted by atctimmy View Post
    If you really need it, you will need it really fast. ALWAYS one in the chamber.
    Nuf said!

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    i've got the 12 ga for my place
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    Pump in hand, .45 on hip and rifle close enough for if I run out of reloads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pcon View Post
    i've got the 12 ga for my place
    +1 for the shotgun, but ditch the 28" barrel.
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    I added this to my small arsenal this year:).


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    12ga, good for close combat home defense. AR15 with we have a down fall of the US and need to SD from long distances

    ront. I am lloking to get the same shotgun, the Mossberg 500
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    My vote's for the search feature.

    This topic's come up at least a few times in the last year, as well as issues of penetration between various rounds.

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    Have you checked out the box o' truth?

    They found that pretty much everything will make it through a wall if you miss. Even a .22LR pistol will punch through 3 pieces of drywall.

    A bunch of their tests are here:
    The Box O' Truth - The Box O' Truth

    This one in particular should help you decide your comfort level.

    It is a great test where they built four walls (8 pieces of sheet rock) and had them distant from each other to simulate the distance between walls of a room/hallway/etc.


    5.56 penetrated 4 walls

    .30 carbine penetrated 4 walls

    Reduced recoil 00 buck penetrated 4 walls

    00 buck penetrated 4 walls

    #8 Dove penetrated wall 1 and bounced off 2

    A lot of folks recommend #4 buck, and the guys at BOT found that it penetrated 6 sheets (roughly ~3 walls) during their standard test (where the sheets are very close to each other). Link here: The Box O' Truth #3 - The Shotgun Meets the Box O' Truth - Page 1
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    I guess I'll be different. AR-15 for me. It does everything a shotgun does except one thing...it holds a lot more ammo. It has less recoil and puts the threat down just as fast. It's my choice.

    The key to picking a home defense weapon isn't about the weapon itself. It's what you train with and are most comfortable with. Having the 'best' weapon you don't know how to use isn't going to help you much when the chips are on the table. Pick one and train with it.

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    12 Guage for in home defense. The AR is for picking em off at the front gate before they even get close.

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    Honestly? Whatever works better for you, and whatever you're more comfortable with.

    With that said, I'd say a 12 GA pump is the best choice. Less to go wrong, and more up-close impact, as well as more versatility (works better if you have to move into a townhome or apartment, for example).

    And it would appear that in recent months, there's been a shift in the penetration issue. A rifle round won't penetrate as much as has been thought, but *inside* a home I think that a concern is still certainly justifiable (of course, any decent round, buckshot, rifle round, or handgun round, is going to go through drywall).

    Well okay, maybe not, given the testing provided above. So I guess we just go back to what you're more comfortable with, and can handle better under stress. Also consider what a partner can handle, just in case you go down and they need to pick up your weapon, or their weapon malfunctions, etc

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    Nothing looks worse to an intruder than a nickle coach gun...a Stoeger (reworked) Nickle Coach Gun Supreme...two big barrels of 12 ga with 00 buck.

    Stay armed..."I'm from the welcoming committee."...stay safe!
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