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Thread: Shotgun weapon light

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    Solve all your attachment concerns and hand carry this...
    L4 LumaMax® from SureFire - 100 Lumen LED Flashlights
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    How do you successfully deploy and wield a HD shotgun while hand carrying a light?

    - Janq
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    Quote Originally Posted by flor1 View Post
    Personally I can't see having a light on a shot gun to me it just means shoot here. I don't mean not having one but if someone coming into my house with a light on it just means shoot here. I'd rather have a light that I can hold off to one side. Just my opinion.
    I work big-city police patrol, night shift, and have been doing so for 25 years. (Or, maybe I am a 13-year-old Cheeto-eater parroting info using Mommy's computer.) I just want to contribute a couple of thoughts to this discussion, to counter the false/mistaken "shoot me" thoughts.

    Guys, there is quite often enough ambient light for me to see another person, and for that person to see me, but NOT quite enough light for target identification. THAT is the domain of the weapon-mounted-light! (WML for short) Target ID! Keep in mind, also, that in low light, or reduced visibility, your mind will play tricks on you, as it it tries to identify something that is not clearly visible. Your mind will "photoshop" the image into what you tend to assume that image is, instead of what it might REALLY be.

    Secondly, it is not always necessary to stand right in front of a possible adversary to illuminate him. Light can be bounced from ceiling and walls. Light can be momentarily flashed while moving, so that by the time an opponent can fire at where your light WAS, you are not somewhere else. (Remember to move quietly, lest sound betray your actual location!)

    Really, the place to learn about fighting with light is NOT the errornet. There is good information, but also bad. Recent information has very much advanced the state of the art, and this information is available, in this thread and elsewhere, but the myths also persist, and the thing about some of the myths is that some of them SEEM to be quite logical and intuitive. Perfectly good folks are perpetuating these myths, because they don't know better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Janq View Post
    I'm planning to go with a top mount receiver mounted rail system on a 590A1...
    That is a nice rail I really like the over sized safety. I'd still keep the light in the Mako T-Grip and just replace the rail I have for my Red Dot sight with the added benefit of the over sized safety

    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Solve all your attachment concerns and hand carry this...
    L4 LumaMax® from SureFire - 100 Lumen LED Flashlights
    The LumaMax is twice the size of a NovTac, less functions lower lumen 100 lumen vs 120 lumen and more expensive. I replacing all my lights with NovTacs. IMO Surefire has gotten over rated and over priced
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    Fenix TK11 220 lumens flashlight mounted with a Tacstar barrel mount on my Mossberg 500A persuader.

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    Your right about Surefire for end lights being over priced, but I'm not sure about over rated.

    As previous post have said. Don't go too cheap, you don't want parts flying of your gun when you need them the most.
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