AR 15 questions

AR 15 questions

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Thread: AR 15 questions

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    AR 15 questions

    Ok- after all the help I got on ammunition, I am coming with a few more questions. I picked up the AR last week. Husband will be home in May for a couple weeks, so I am trying to buy everything before he gets here. I know it needs to be cleaned before use, and as I only had handguns I know I don't have what I need. Looking for recommendations.

    Also he'd like a sling and has no preference, so what would you recommend there? He will not be tramping through the woods all day or anything.

    Lastly, what is a good HD round for this gun? It's a S&W M&P 15. Thanks in advance again!
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    Got to Walmart and buy a couple of rags and Breakfree CLP. Use the CLP to clean the bolt carrier group (BCG) and use it to lube it too. I like running mine wet in the beginning. I've used CLP on my LMT rifle and I've never had an issue. Don't mix lubricants because they tend to gum up.

    I also bought a standard USGI kit like this one:
    59044 - P.S. Products AR-15/M16 Cleaning Kit

    This forum will help answer most of your questions:
    Maintenance & Cleaning - AR15.COM

    As for the sling, I have a VTAC padded sling and it's really comfortable. It is easy to adjust with one hand as well. I highly recommend it.
    Viking Tactics, Inc.

    As for HD ammo, I've seen a lot of people praise the Hornady TAP .75 gr BTHP (if your rifle is chambered for 5.56x45). It is expensive ammo though. I've also heard that Speer GD .223 is good too.

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    For ammo it is true that the 75 grain Hornady TAP in 5.56mm is the best for defense, but any of the 5.56mm 55 grain loads are pretty good too. Some examples of 55 grain loads would be Winchester Q3131 or Federal XM193. What makes these loads "good" is that once they impact, the rapidly yaw and begin to fragment. Some other rounds such as 62 grain M855 will also fragment, but not predictably and it could penetrate 12 inches before it starts to fragment.


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    Get you a good boresnake or a chamber brush made for your gun.

    M16 & AR-15 CHAMBER BRUSHES at Brownells

    I like the boresnakes but that's me.

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    I like a two point sling and there are many out there. Vickers makes a good one.

    As for cleaning, there is a "bore" brush made for the AR15/m16 that is really helpful. It looks like a regular .223 wire brush with a large round bunch of bristles at the rear of it that scrup the chamber area. You spend more money if you buy a "kit" marketed for the AR15. Better off just buying a good rod, a regular .223 brass bristle brush and the bore brush I was mentioning. A good good gun cleaning brush his real helpful too. It looks like a toothbrush on one end with a smaller set of britles at the opposite end.

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