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Check my Thinking about Shotguns and HD..

This is a discussion on Check my Thinking about Shotguns and HD.. within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; a number of good inputs....The Knoxx Stock is an option I hadn't considered. It's similar to the stock I have on my AR and I ...

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Thread: Check my Thinking about Shotguns and HD..

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    a number of good inputs....The Knoxx Stock is an option I hadn't considered. It's similar to the stock I have on my AR and I really like that one. I wanted to stay away from a pistol grip and they do make a version of the knoxx stock that is a straight stock but obviously it doesn't do as much for recoil and it isn't adjustable for LOP.

    I looked at the Stoeger Coach guns. Not sure if they'd serve me well for the intended purpose but I have to say they're really neat looking guns and I wouldn't mind owning one just to have one!!

    I think the Marlin 1894C in .357 would be an ideal HD but "IF" you could effectively mount a light on it. I would never put a screw into the wood forearm of one and I've never seen an adapter that would clamp to the barrel or something but 10 shots as fast as you can lever would be every bit as good as a pump gun and there's little recoil or blast in a package that's manuverable.

    In a bad situation I have to exit my bedroom and go down a very narrow hallway to the two bedrooms of my smaller children. My oldest 2 are in basement bedrooms and are basically instructed to call 911 and hunder down. The girl (21)has a mossberg turkey gun and knows how to use it. I have to think about the young man downstairs (19) but upstairs I have to go to the 4 little ones in two bedrooms off the end of the hall and halfway down the hallway it opens up to the front door.

    My wife stays in the bedroom and calls 911. She won't even think of having a gun with her while I go to the little ones!!!

    So I'm going to think about the Knoxx Stock on a 870 and I'd still really like the Berretta Storm in 9mm, but the best option for me is probably my AR or a dedicated handgun. My AR seems heavy and big compared to the Berretta Storms....

    I guess I'll have to buy the 870, the storm, and then a full size 1911....
    Thanks for the inputs guys....

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    buckeyeLCPL - Thank you for responding to my post. It was the fruit of theoretical reflection more than real-world training or experience, and I really appreciate your input. No doubt, the risk associated with using a long gun indoors is greatly reduced by proper instruction in weapon retention.

    Gideon - Good luck with whatever you end up using!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sportsterguy View Post
    Just my opinion but I would buy the 870 riot (have one myself) and slap a Knoxx adjustable, recoil suppression stock on it. Tames the recoil WAY down to less than a .410 gauge and can be adjusted for LOP by 4". Best close up weapon and stock ever invented IMO and with 00 buck the rounds won't penetrate a whole house endangering family and neighbors like an AR if you miss.

    Here's the info on the stock. HIGHLY recommend it!!

    Knoxx SpecOps Adjustable Stocks : Cabela's

    As far as clearing your house I also suggest you don't do it. It's dangerous with training and experience and Really dangerous without it. Especially true if you are by yourself. Have a safe room and let the perps come to you. Have a action plan and practice it.
    ....the bullet coming out of an AR will penetrate about the same as 1 pellet from 00 Buck.


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