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Thread: Help me choose a shotgun

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    Help me choose a shotgun

    First off I'm definitely new to shotguns. I shot one a while back for the first time in many moons, having fun shooting skeet with my family. I'd like to get one primarily as a home defense weapon, but I also would mind being able to use it for recreation purposes every now and again. I want a 12ga, but I don't know anything outside of that. What is the practical difference in barrel lengths? What is a good ammunition for defense purposes? I've been told brands like Charles Daly, Mossberg 500, and Remington 870, but don't really know any specifics. I'd also like to stay around $300, give or take. Can anyone make any suggestion?


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    Mossberg 590. but you'll be over your 300.00 area.
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    Remington 870 or Mossberg 500, which is a rather eternal debate about which is best. Mossbergs tend to be a bit less expensive, Remingtons tend to be a bit nice. The controls are slightly different, so handle both and see which you prefer.

    I keep mine loaded with some remington 00 buck

    EDIT: Forgot barrel length, for a HD shotgun something under 20 inches, as it helps with retention and maneuverability, also I tend to get shotguns with higher capacities, like 6 or 8 rounds
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    i would say remington 870 but thats over your 300 mark check out a gun show if you have any around you or used ones they usually have some good deals
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    870 combo. You can shoot skeet with a shorter barrel, but they just dont swing right and you will be handicapping yourself, but thats the only way to fly for HD.
    You can purchase an extra barrel pretty darn cheap and have the best of both worlds.
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    I like the Mossberg 930 SPX with the pistol grip. But it is over your limit of 300. I have a Mossberg 500 and love that as well. Remington's are also a great choice. I use Hornady TAP 00 Buck mostly but any 00 buck is good.
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    Harrington and Richardson offer solid working shotties for less than $300.

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    I bought a Mossberg 500 combo for $300 last year.

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    I own a Mossberg 500 with a 18 1/2" barrel. Recoil is huge with anything other than low recoil rounds. I agree with others, 00 Buck is great for home defense. Just look for low recoil rounds for practice, then decide what you want to load it with for home defense (low recoil, regular, or magnum rounds) depending on who might need to use it.

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    I got a Mossburg Maverick(SP?) 88, 5 in the tube with 3inch shells. Short enough to be used inside a home for defense. Solid stock, comes with pistol grip if you want to change to it. Got it for 130 bucks.

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    Remington 870 will serve you well, plenty of aftermarket parts to keep it interesting too.

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    Where I work we sell Remington 870 Express 3" chamber for just over $300 new with black synthetic stock and black parkerized finish.
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    get the mossberg 500 combo thats the best deal for the money

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    Mossberg 500. Don't get the extended mag; with the regular length tube you can use hunting barrels easily.

    Remington barrels are made by Mossberg ????????
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    I am an 870 man.

    I have two barrels. The 28 inch vent rib that I use when I hunt waterfowl or shoot clay targets. I also have a 20 inch barrel that I keep on it at home for defensive purposes as well as a two shot mag extension.
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