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    Center Point...

    Bought one at Wally World for $54 and it does the cross hairs in red and green or no light. Has scope covers and mounts.

    I put it on the Remy 597 and it seems very nice.

    Anyone else try one?

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    These are very nice Scopes, I have one on my 10/22 '
    If you're looking for a a scope that will rival a 500.00 scope
    but don't want to spend the money, these are the way to go.
    I really like mine a lot.

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    I haven't tried one yet, but they do look like decent scopes for the money. You do know they have three tiers of quality right? I think the ones at Wally World are the middle of the line. Any product that is made in the USA these days has a little something going for it to start with IMO.

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    The irony of buying a product from Wal-Mart because it's made in the US is outstanding.

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    .... well... true... but much of Ammo is too, so I guess thats good!

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    I have learned several things from buying scopes over the years,the cheaper scopes I have bought normally do not hold up to harsh recoil,but on rifles like 22's usually hold up fairly well
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    I moved the centerpoint over to the 10/22 and I put a Tasco on the Marlin 60.

    Yeah, not much recoil on a .22. Im sure I could hit rabbits all day with the iron sights but I had the urge to put a scope on.

    Anyone have some ideas on what rings I need for the Remington 597 so I can have the scope on it but still see the stock sights?

    The stock sights on the 597 are really good IMO. I'd attach the rings to the dove tail.

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    Put a Center Point 4X16 from Walmart on my AR. I've gone over budget for a prairie dog trip in June and decided to try this scope out. Sighted it in at 200yds, keeps 10 rounds in less then a one inch circle. Out at 400 yds it's no problem to hit a hanging bowling pin, just sighted on the 3rd mil dot, and the pins swinging. I like the target turrets, although I haven't 'zeroed' them at my aiming point. My buddy was sighting in his Ruger 223 w/ a Nikon 4x14 and he was impressed that the clarity of the $70 Center Point was equal to his $300 Nikon. No problems after first few hundred rounds, we'll see how it holds up on the trip.
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    I may need to upgrade my 10/22. I don't even recall what brand scope is on it only that I paid about $20 for it.
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    I've used a lot of scopes over the years. I can't afford the high end Leupold and similar scopes and although I've had a LOT of cheap scopes, I'm never totally satisfied with the optics. Of course if you don't look through a hi quality scope, you won't know what you're missing!

    After all the Tasco's, Simmons, Bushnell's, etc. I've really settled on two main scopes that I think are really great values. they aren't cheap, they aren't top end, but I think you get a LOT of scope for the dollars you spend.

    The first are the Nikon Prostaffs. I use their 3-9x40's on my deer rifles. They run $150 or so which isn't cheap for me but they're SO good and you're going to have them for a long time!!

    Nikon also makes a fixed 4 power rimfire scope that I think is the perfect squirrel rifle scope.

    And then there's a company called Mueller Scopes. They're relatively new and I was hesitant to try them but took a chance and got one of their illuminated recticle scopes. It's a fantastic scope for the money.

    I do agree that for many a 30 - 50 dollar scope is way more than enough for the shooting they do but for a nice rifle, I think it's good thinking to put a decent scope on it. In the long run I think you enjoy it a lot more and it lasts.

    That .22 with the surpressor above sure is SWEET!

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    I was thinking about trying a Centerpoint. I saw them at WW and wondered if they were any good.

    As far as cheap scopes go, I have always had good luck with Simmons. I have one on my muzzle loader and one on a .22 bolt action. They are good scopes for what they are. I have had the one on the muzzle loader for years with no problems and or change in zero. But recoil is not too bad on the muzzleloader. I don't know if they would hold up to the .308 or 30-06.

    I made the mistake of buying a Tasco World Class this year for my 30-30 and I hate it. I figure it will withstand the light recoil of the 30-30 so I bought it on clearance.

    It should be called 3rd World Class. It works, and is clear and gathers light good, but it looks like I'm lookin through a culvert with a lens on the end. It doesn't bring the view to the rear of the scope like the Simmons scopes do. I have an OLD Japanese made Tasco 3-9x40 Pronghorn on my .308 and it's the same way.

    Again, I have had it on there for many years and it was old and used when I got it. I took it off a rifle I got in a trade. It works well and the old jap scopes were very durable compared to the China scopes of today, I just don't think I should be looking at the inside of the tube when I look in my scope. I keep hoping it will break, so I have an excuse to upgrade, but it just keeps on working year after year.

    I may take the new tasco back and get a refund. I was gonna go with Nikon from now on. They are awesome scopes and cheaper than Leupold, but now that I know centerpoint is made in the USA I'll give one a try. If I don't like it I'll take it back for a refund and get a Nikon.

    I will say that I have never had a Tasco or Simmons break on me yet. I also have a BSA red dot on my (wife's) Mini-14, it's a cheapie (uner $30), but works real well. Never a problem with it and it has been used a lot in the past year.
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