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Does anybody know if the price of Ruger mags has gone down any?

Since when? Ruger ran a rather well-known promotion on the 20-rounders last year, when they finally relented on their previous policy of not selling 20-rounders to the general public. Before that, the going rate for new 20-rounders had been $50 to $60; the promotional price was about half that. Once the promotion ran its course, the price stabilized at about $40, IIRC. I am sure Ruger's website will tell anyone who cares to look.

Ruger recently announced the availability of 30-rounders to the public, too. There has been plenty of internet chatter about it. I am sure a look at Ruger's site would be informative.

The 5-rounders are about what they have been recently, twenty-something bucks.

Except for one .223 5-rounder I recently bought for a specific reason, I have not purchased any Mini-14 mags in a while myself.
I have a decent supply of 20's and 30's.