Best shotgun for my Mom for home defense

Best shotgun for my Mom for home defense

This is a discussion on Best shotgun for my Mom for home defense within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; So my folks moved from a rural community that was fairly off the beaten path to a more urban setting (small town- but a lot ...

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Thread: Best shotgun for my Mom for home defense

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    Best shotgun for my Mom for home defense

    So my folks moved from a rural community that was fairly off the beaten path to a more urban setting (small town- but a lot more road traffic and not far off a main Hwy) and my Mom is worried about being home alone. My Dad is often out and about. My sister who lives less than 20 min away just had her house broken into.

    They (read my Dad, Mom, and Sister) just completed their CCW class but mainly want something for home defense. My opinion their best choice would be a pump action shotgun. It’s simple and easy. And in the universal language the sound of a pump action means deterrence.

    Am I off base on this? And what gun would you recommend for them? I'll ask in the handgun section which recommendation for a carry weapon people would suggest for both my Sister and my Mom.

    Thanks in advance.


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    A shotgun is a great home defense weapon IMHO. However, I would ask how big is your mom? I ask because a 12ga has a bit of kick for the smaller people. I'm only 5'6" but I weigh 165lbs so the 12ga is great for me. My girly however (who has never actually shot a shotgun) is 5'2" at 105lbs so a 12ga may be a bit big for her. Pending on her size there is always the 20ga and the 410. If your going to go with a 410 though I would maybe consider getting something like this Taurus .45/410ga revolver that can be loaded with both .45 long colt and 410 rounds. 5 rounds. Very lightweight. But you can't go wrong with a scattergun in my opinion.

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    I have a mossberg 9200 semi-auto shotgun w/18.5" barrel,due to gas operation It has less recoil than a pump shotgun,I carry it with the chamber loaded and mag tube full of 00 buck on safe,It sits by my bed
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    i would look for a 20ga shotgun. it will do the trick and she will be able to shoot it. i would keep it simple, single shot or double barrel over a pump.
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    Jake, as mentioned the shotgun is an excellent HD weapon. However, it is only as good as the person operating it. You should have your mother handle several shotguns and operate their mechanisms to see which one fits her ber best. I prefer pumps over a single shot or double barrel as they provide for greater ammo capacity with less complex manipulation. For your mom though, this will come down to what she is most comfortable with. As far as gauge goes, there are more readily available defensive rounds for the 12 gauge vs 20 gauge, but 20 gauge definitely has less recoil.

    Regardless what she decides, make sure she is properly trained in how to use her HD solution.

    Oh, and it is best to drop the sound of the pump action as a deterant. Yes, the sound may scare and intimidate the threat, but you are leaving too much to the threat's decision making process then. Who knows, the threat may even be hearing impaired.

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    If you have one or two shotguns for them to try, take them out shooting and let them decide. They may be able to handle 12 gauge, but if not you can go down to 20 gauge. Remington and Mossberg make their famous pump shotguns the 870 and Mossberg 500 in 12, 20, and I believe 410. The general assumption is that women are more sensitive to recoil, but I've seen women shoot 500 S&W, 300 Win Mag, and other powerful cartridges at the range. You cannot go wrong with just about any pump shotgun though.
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    Shot selection will have as much impact on recoil as will gauge size.

    My personal choice is more training to be able to handle a 12GA, but a 20 GA will certainly work. I chose #4 buckshot in 2 3/4" shells for my indoor social work in a 12 GA remington express with a 18.5" barrel open cylinder. My step niece at 5'4" 130# and 16 years of age shoots my 12GA with no problem. But she has been taught how to properly weld the butt to her shoulder.

    remember that if you go down to a 20GA, 00 buck is really too big to pass through properly and will kick out flyers as it exits the barrel and the shot will be deformed (read as less penetrating and greater spread). 00 buck is .33" in diameter and the 20GA barrel is .615" as you can imagine, this causes a bit of a bottleneck. IMO a bad thing when you only have 8 pellets.

    I would run #2 -.27" (15 pellets), #3 -.25" (18 pellets) or #4 -.24" (21 pellets) Buckshot, perhaps in reduced recoil loads. But as always buy it and try it to see how it works for you. Check for recoil, check for pattern and check to see if she even likes a shotgun.

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    20 ga stoeger condor O/U easy to shoot. not too much kick
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    20 gauge is a good place to just find one she can handle well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BUTTERBEAN View Post
    20 ga stoeger condor O/U easy to shoot. not too much kick
    I'll one-up the Stoger......get her a 20ga. side-by-side coach gun.
    It's a short 'lil double barrel and just a perfect HD firearm IMO.

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    Any 20 gauge... tell her to point it down the hall, pull the trigger and the rest will work its self out.

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    After 9/11 I got my first gun, a shotgun. I did a lot of research before doing this though. Double barrel and single shots are very simple, but you're out of ammo too quick. Auto-loaders are becoming more reliable by the day, but a pump is easy to operate and 6 and 10 round magazines can be had easily solving the ammo problem and they are ultra-reliable.

    I think a Mossberg 20ga is probably the best solution going for folks who don't like the recoil of a 12ga. #4 buck is an excellent round for it too. I would recommend a shoulder stock, ghost ring sights, and a 18.5" or 20" barrel. Check out Stressfire II by Massad Ayoob for more information.
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    Pump action 20GA is a good choice, but take heed: You do NOT want her wandering about the building after a threat poking the barrel of the shotgun hither and yon. That would be a great way to get disarmed.

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    Thanks for the help.

    Yeah she's kind of small. She has shot my 16ga before and said it was fine. It's not like she's going to be shooting clays on a regular basis. She probably will shoot it a couple times a month just to practice and what not.

    She got a 38 SWAirlight a couple of weeks ago and that's my folks new date night... shooting some target practice.

    I think she would be ok with a 20ga. My Dad has a 20ga single barrel in the house but I was worried about her running out and having to reload under duress if God forbid she had to.

    If she heard someone in the house she would lock herself in the bedroom where she has a phone and call 911. She's getting a dog too.

    Thanks again for your help. I always never know what to get her for Mother's day... now I know ;)

    And I got to tell you I can't wait to go shooting with my family.

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    A 20 ga. would be enough, look at what it did to the squirrel just a few posts up...

    Really a 20 ga. would be easy to handle and would certainly send a message down any hallway..."Get out now!"
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