Shotgun Dummy Rounds

Shotgun Dummy Rounds

This is a discussion on Shotgun Dummy Rounds within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I've been doing some dry fire practice with my new 870. I've been using the orange plastic Saf-T-Trainers dummy rounds. These have worked well in ...

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Thread: Shotgun Dummy Rounds

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    Shotgun Dummy Rounds

    I've been doing some dry fire practice with my new 870. I've been using the orange plastic Saf-T-Trainers dummy rounds. These have worked well in my rifles and pistols, but in the 870, the extractor really flattens out the plastic rim where it grips the round. This increases the diameter and eventually either makes it impossible to insert the round into the magazine tube or, if I can get it in there, prevents it from ejecting into the receiver when I cycle the action. I could just get some aluminum snap caps for dry practice, but getting enough of these to really practice loading and manipulating the gun (15 or so would be best) would be really expensive. Any recommendations?

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    I have two of those A Zoom aluminum snap caps for my 870, and I tell ya, the 870 is rough on those things. The rim of the cartridges are all beat up and scratched, but they still cycle fine. The aluminum ones are spendy but they do last longer.
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    Pretty much the experience of amultitude of trainers. Plastics are "rated" for 1 maybe 2 classes, or limited dry-fire at home. Aluminum are not "permanent", but last much longer.

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    I have four of these in 12 GA as well as doubles or more in .223, .9NN, and 45 ACP.

    Additionally in the hunter ed courses I teach my team leader from S&W recently purchased from Brownells dummy rounds that are the best I've seen yet.
    They are real ammunition casings (brass) with real ammunition projectiles only loaded with no powder and no primer.
    The shotgun shell variant which he got in 12 ga., .410, and 20 ga. are real high brass with real clear plastic shotgun hulls and real per gauge pellets and wad which can be viewed by students through the hull and again minus the powder and primer.

    Both function 100% for cycling and both have heft but the Brownells are as close to real ammunition without being real and being inert as I have ever seen.
    Avoid the plastic dummy rounds as they are a waste of coin over the long run which can be a brief as one months use as I've discovered.

    I train regularly and weekly with dry fire roughly 3 times per week in hour long sessions.

    - Janq
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    Quote Originally Posted by Janq View Post
    - Janq

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