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Where do you keep your rifle/shotgun for HD?

This is a discussion on Where do you keep your rifle/shotgun for HD? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I keep Mossberg under the bed on my side. The AR rests between the bed and the dresser on the wife's side. At night.... My ...

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Thread: Where do you keep your rifle/shotgun for HD?

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    Pennsylvania's Backwoods
    I keep Mossberg under the bed on my side.
    The AR rests between the bed and the dresser on the wife's side.

    At night....

    My Sig 226 in a holster hiding under my nightstand.
    The wife keeps her P3AT in little nylon holster clipped to the side of the bed as well.
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    Pennsylvania, US
    Mossberg under my bed in a case (unlatched). I have my Ruger P95 handy if for some reason something gets into my bedroom without setting of any of my alarms and manages to be completely quiet.

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    Apr 2009
    SW Florida
    Mossy sits in "The Back-Up", and a pistol on the nightstand. In the morning Mossy goes in the safe, and the pistol goes with me!

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    Jan 2008
    Mid-Hudson Valley New York State
    Handgun next to the bed, 12 gauge in the closet. Kids all grown up, so no problems there.
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    May 2006
    Shelby County TN
    During the day, it stays in the safe, but I have a gun on my right hip at all times, even at home.

    At night, the gun that sits on my hip is in a holster that is mounted to the bed frame where I can get it fast. The HD rifle, is standing up next to the bed between the bed and night stand against the wall. Really, just behind the pistol. Same set up for the wife but instead of HD rifle, she has the HD shotgun.

    HD rifle = WASR 10 (AK)

    HD Shotgun = Mossberg 590 12 gauge
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    West Virginia
    My XD and my wife's .38 are on top of her dresser mirror, with 2 flashlights and a reload for each. The long guns are kept in the safe due to our 1 1/2 year old daughter.

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    Aug 2006
    I have an 8yr old, so I keep my carry gun available and my wife's .357 is available to her pretty quickly. Everything else is in the safe.

    The only time I ever got my HD shotgun out and loaded it, I leaned it next to my chair, because a couple of prisoners had escaped from the state pen nearby and were seen in our area. My wife and the female neighbors were in a panic. All terrified and such. Helicopters were buzzing around over the woods, and I felt that the threat level was pretty high at that moment. My shotty is reserved for such instances, or riots or zombies and such. Not an everday SD weapon for me.
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    South Carolina
    My carry revolvers are in a small safe in the bedroom, easily accesible. I keep an XD in a locked case in the closet jic. The shotgun is in the safe on the second floor with the rest, I am considering buying a lifejacket to mount in the master closet to have it more readily available, yet safe from my 7 year old.

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    May 2009
    I read the same article (mentioned in the o.p.), but I just keep my 12 gauge on the top shelf of my closet (out of sight, but easy to reach) with the tube full and the chamber open.
    My 226 and a flashlight are night stand ready.
    Also, I've got zero kids.

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    VIP Member Array lchamp's Avatar
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    Oct 2012
    Florida's Space Coast.
    My rifles and shotguns are in a closet. Handguns and extra mags are always on me. Rifles are not loaded, several handguns are loaded and stashed around the house in quick acting lockboxes. Paranoid? yeah... We have had a recent home-invasion nearby.

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    Member Array anglertoo's Avatar
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    Aug 2009
    North Central Connecticut
    I have my tactical 12 gauge in the BR closet, bolted to the wall in a 'Shotlock'.
    It opens with the push of buttons to open the lock.
    Fast ... sturdy ... cheap.
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    Glock is cond 1 on nightstand or my hip. SBR is condition 3 in a nearby spot
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    Moving - PM me if you want to know where
    Three handguns in the nightstands with a "grab bag" of extra mags and ammo. Two shotguns and two AR15 in the walk-in-closet (think defensive safe room) with a large "grab bag" of extra mags and ammo for the long guns and a second "grab bag" with extra mags and ammo for the handguns.
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    St. Louis
    M4 with Surefire mounted on mag tube hanging on headboard ready to rock 'n roll
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    I'm the guy next door that is polite, but does not tell you crap.
    Open and CC when at home. If I'm watching TV downstairs, 12G is with me. If I go up, 12G is with me. So, basically where I am :-)
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