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russian mosian nagant--7.62x54mm

This is a discussion on russian mosian nagant--7.62x54mm within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by Duisburg I plan on getting one myself soon, there was a great article in the most recent American Rifleman about this rifle ...

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Thread: russian mosian nagant--7.62x54mm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duisburg View Post
    I plan on getting one myself soon, there was a great article in the most recent American Rifleman about this rifle and gave me the that extra gumption to buy one.

    These days, you could get one for the price of one 100rd WWB box from a gun show selling for $60
    There is NO reason not to get one... unless you can't deal with the recoil for medical reasons etc... no reason at all!
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    Definitely shop around for ammo - you can get it very cheap. 20 cents a round is quite common.

    I plan on getting a couple of those rifles myself eventually. Been buying a lot lately though and it isn't up very high on my list. Maybe I should just buy the ammo now....

    Enjoy the new gun!


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    I bought one a month ago for $112 OTD. I've seen where they've gone for $70-$80 in recent years, but there's not many in shops around here and I knew I'd have to pay more to order one so I bought it. It had all the accessories and was a shiny refurb with nice rifling and almost looked new.

    I also bought some ammo for it online which came to about $6.25/box (20 rds) after shipping. Finally got to take it to the range last week and I have still have the bruise to show for it but is was fun to shoot. Can't wait to take it out again.

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    Ditto on the FFL reply... I get em for 65 or less... The Mosin kicks..."BEEP"... they are a blast , in more ways then one...LOL

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    Yep, picked one up for $99 at Bud's last year. Mine is an M44 (manufacture date of 1944 in Izhevsk, USSR) and came with bayonet, sling, and ammo pouches. It even has matching serial numbers.

    I shoot surplus ammo (about the only type you can find these days), and have added a shoulder pad for less pain on recoil. One of my favorite guns!

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    Alvin, TX
    I have 5 MN M44s and 1 M38. Great guns I bought mine with my C&R, The 44s were 5 for $100 + $13shipping, from Century about 3 years ago, they were u-fixem. The only thing wrong with them was they didn't have the cleaning rods and accessories, other than that they work great. The 38 I got from Aztec for $80 shipped about 3 years ago.

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    A good shooter for little cash.Everyone who's into guns should pick up the old
    military surplus rifles like mosin, british 303, german car,I just wish our stuff was
    reasonable I paid $650 for M-1, like to have a M-1 carbine but they are pricey,
    same with the enfields and 1903 Springfield's.I kick myself for selling an enfield I had in high school I bought it for $50 and turned around and sold it for $75.That was a sweet shooting rifle.

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    Every family should have several of these great rifles, and plenty of ammo. They can keep you fed and keep the zombies off your front porch without requiring you to get a second mortgage.
    "If we loose Freedom here, there's no place to escape to. This is the Last Place on Earth!" Ronald Reagan

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    Prices on the Mosins seem to be creeping up near me. The price sounds about right here.

    Love my old boom stick!
    "Don't Tread on Me"

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    I should be getting this gun sometime toward the end of the week...getting excited

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