Sound off! Russian SKS fair price...

Sound off! Russian SKS fair price...

This is a discussion on Sound off! Russian SKS fair price... within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; So what would you be willing to pay. Its complete and has the cleaning kit. Looks clean and all numbers match. What would you give ...

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Thread: Sound off! Russian SKS fair price...

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    Sound off! Russian SKS fair price...

    So what would you be willing to pay. Its complete and has the cleaning kit. Looks clean and all numbers match.

    What would you give for it?

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    Probably more than it's worth knowing my track record. This is a great question.

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    See if this link will allow you to price them. Search Results

    Well, it didn't. You might take a look at GunBroker and type in Russian SKS.

    $250 would be good. $300 would be fair.

    Frustrating to think of what we paid for them in 1995-'96.
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    Yugo SKS's are selling for $350-400 in my area...crazy. I think the Russian would be selling for more, I haven't seen one in a while. Last year $275 would have been a good price. Man I miss the old days when I bought my first Chinese SKS for $75 at the local gun show. Please post pics if you buy it.

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    A Yugo SKS at the last gun auction around here sold for $400.

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    My local store has them for $299. But they're a little out of the way for you.
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    $250 would be good, definitely wouldn't spend more than $300. I payed $230 for mine a year or two back.
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    It really all depends on the rifle. early models 1949- 52 get allot more then the most common 53-55. then it also depends on condition and whether or not it is a original or a factory refurb and the factory plays a big roll in the price Tula or Isvich(spelling)? Tula being the most common.

    Fair condition refurbs go for around $350 I have sold Mint from factory non refurbs for $500

    Here is a link to the best site on the web for info on SKS. These guys know there stuff.
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    I'd only buy a romanian SKS without the grenade launcher. I've heard too many stories about the 59/66 with the grenade launcher turning into a single shot rifle due to the faulty gas trap design. In perfect condition, clean bore, clean action and with all the accessories and the 10 round box mag taken off I would pay $250
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    Got my Russian SKS for $119 out of shotgun news probably around 1996 or so.

    Co-worker was an FFL so he didn't charge us any dealer mark-up and we got the volume discount for buying more than 5 of them.

    Nice rifle! Not surprised to see Russian SKS's for $250+ these days.
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