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New Ruger SR-556 just announced.

This is a discussion on New Ruger SR-556 just announced. within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; It is a good looking rifle. I would rather build one for half the price though....

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Thread: New Ruger SR-556 just announced.

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    It is a good looking rifle. I would rather build one for half the price though.
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    It looks like a cross between an AR and a SIG 556. While I think $2,000 is a bit high for any factory AR (even the SIG sells for less), it will probably sell for several hundred dollars less than MSRP, hopefully more. OTOH if you were to buy a Bushmaster, M&P or even Colt AR then upgrade it with most of the features already found on the Ruger, the cost of the gun would soon go well over $2,000. Also, it's highly likely the gun will retail for closer to $1,600 plus or minus, which really makes it a very good deal for a nicely tricked out AR. FWIW, it seems the suppliers of most of the guns parts are not your entry or bargain level suppliers but top quality manufacturers, so you could easily spend as much for the "extras" offered on this gun - which are standard on it, at least for now - as you would on an entry level rifle itself. If Ruger has worked out all the bugs BEFORE the gun's release, it could actually be a bargain in todays AR market.

    I've been kicking myself for not buying an M&P last November when they were selling for $900. They are currently in the $1,300+ range around here... when you can find one. If this new Ruger sells for only a few hundred dollars more than "regular" AR's and has all the high end features listed at the Ruger web site, it may well tun out that it was worth the wait!
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    dad just showed me the gun today on ruger's website..i didn't even know they were thinking about making one. i figured 1911s and ARs were one thing ruger wouldn't ever do. can't wait to see one of these in person. if i'm lucky best friend's dad will get one since he is just as big of a ruger fan if not bigger than my dad an i are. plus he gets discounts for being a cop. man the guns he has that his wife has no clue about!

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    Looks ok but I'm not excited about it at all. A fair price would probably be more like $1500.


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    Looks like the ONLY Part Ruger made might be the Barrel.

    That's not too uncommon in the AR world.
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    Great news. I have no interest whatsoever in an overpriced rifle using an unproven piston system, but good on Ruger for getting into the AR game.

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    That little emoticon is supposed to be yawning. Maybe Ruger's offering is so boring that he can't even muster the energy.

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    I was just surprised that they came out with an AR at all. I've got my M&P so that's all I really need in little back rifles - unless I build one just for kicks. It just seems like Ruger is finally listening to gun owners and putting out models they we actually want and use for things other than hunting. I'm sorta thinking that they're including three 30 round mags just to correct for Bill's backstabbing stance on the AWB in '94.

    I DO think their new PCR, semi-plastic revolver sucks like an Electrolux though.

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    GT Distributors is advertising these for $1488. Thats a pretty fair price considering all of the other "stuff" on it. Just an FYI.
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    Would love to shoot one. Still not sure about buying one, but you never know.
    Semper Fi

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    I will just stick with my LWRC. I don't think you will find anything out there any better than this....
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    Looks nice! A Gas-Piston Op-Rod system also instead of direct impingement!! Now Colt has to release THEIR Gas-Piston rifle the APC(Advanced Piston Carbine)and all will be right in the world(sort of).
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    IRONIC!....Ruger to offer AR15s......

    Ruger to offer a gas piston AR.

    Ever since the late Bill Ruger Sr. (William Batterman Ruger) actively assisted the anti-gun/anti-Second Amendment Democrats in Congress institute the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) a.k.a. the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 by introducing the idea of a 15-round capacity limitation for firearms magazines (which subsequently got reduced to 10-rounds in the actual legislation) and even presenting model/sample legislation to Congress that included the idea, I haven’t been a very big fan of Bill Ruger Sr. or his company, Sturm Ruger & Co., Inc. Because of that, to this day, I’ve never purchased or owned a Ruger firearm, and I don’t feel all that guilty about it, frankly. I’ve researched Bill Ruger Sr.’s actions leading up to the 1994 “Assault Weapons” ban, and I’ve determined that his actions were less-than-intelligent, short-sighted, tremendously misguided, selfish, and absolutely betrayed the firearms industry, gun owners, the Second Amendment (and therefore freedom, itself), and thus the country. Basically, old Bill did a very, very bad thing–and his advanced age was no excuse. I therefore believe that Bill Ruger Sr. was deserving of a lot of gun people’s resentment, including mine. It’s therefore somewhat ironic that Ruger is now introducing a 30-shot gas piston/op-rod-driven AR-15 tactical carbine, a gun that is only possible due to the expiration of the very gun ban that Bill Ruger Sr. assisted in bringing to fruition.......
    Read the rest here: Ruger SR-556 Gas Piston/Op-Rod AR-15 Carbine/Rifle: Ruger Enters the Piston-Driven AR Fray

    Ruger SR-556: AR-15 has arrived | The Firearm Blog
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails New Ruger SR-556 just announced.-ruger_sr556_1.jpg  

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    Since it's a Ruger, better give them a year or two to get the "kinks" worked out and have their recall first.

    Look at Ruger's history. It seems that just about everything they have put out recently has needed a recall and retro-fit. I think they are using the customer as a Beta-tester.

    My momma didn't raise me to be a Beta-tester for anybody.


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    Oh, baby I want mine!!! Better get in line for that one.

    One thing Ruger definitely knows how to do is build a rock-solid rifle that will go bang when you pull the trigger!
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