New RRA AR-15 this weekend!! But have a qu

New RRA AR-15 this weekend!! But have a qu

This is a discussion on New RRA AR-15 this weekend!! But have a qu within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; WOOOHOO!!! I went to my favorite gun shop here, just to "look" at AR-15's. I have been researching them for a little while and wanted ...

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Thread: New RRA AR-15 this weekend!! But have a qu

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    New RRA AR-15 this weekend!! But have a qu

    WOOOHOO!!! I went to my favorite gun shop here, just to "look" at AR-15's. I have been researching them for a little while and wanted to go hold one......we all know the story from there. The good thing is my fiance was with me..... you're probably not used to hearing that but we had just left the jewelry store where I bought her the wedding band she wanted (we are getting married in 5 months). So the stars aligned and it was the perfect time to scoop up this AR. And I love it! They gave me a GREAT price like always.

    My question is about the forward assist button. How is this used? I thought maybe you loaded a round into the chamber, and then hit the button (that's what the clerk at the shop told me). I did as told but the button doesn't seem to do anything, and it doesn't compress?
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    The forward assist is used when the bolt does no go fully into battery, usually caused by a dirty chamber.
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    The way the AR's charging handle works, it will only draw the bolt backwards, not move it forward. The forward assist is there if you need to force the bolt forward. If it fails to go back into battery after a chamber check, for instance.

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    I believe the forward assist was added to the M16-A2, due to failures in the field (Vietnam) that resulted from dirty rifles failing to fully go into battery. This will make the weapon fail to fire, which is not a good thing in combat. If this occurs with the A2 type rifles, then you just push the forward assist button and force the bolt all the way forward and it will then fire.

    I fired thousands of rounds from my M-16A2 (live rounds and blanks) during the 6 yrs I spent in the Corps and don't recall ever needing to hit the forward assist button. Of course I kept my rifle clean, so that is likely why I never had a problem.
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    Hate to correct you Sgt. but I'm pretty sure the forward assist was added to the A1, but like you said, because of failures found during Vietnam.

    But like everyone else said, it's only used to move the bolt forward if it doesn't fully chamber a round.

    We were also taught that if you insert a magazine into a weapon with a closed bolt, and then chamber a round, that you should hit the forward assist to ensure the round fully chambered. Honestly, I'm not really sure if this is necessary, but at this point it's habit for me.
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    I have seen some upper recievers that don't have the forward assist. If you keep it clean chances are you will never need it.

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    We had them on the A1s, when I was in. I never had to use it, unless we were using crappy blank ammo.

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    I saw that you bought a RRA in the other thread. You won't have to worry about using the foward won't need it.

    But it is good to know what it's for.

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    Most AR type rifles have this feature. I've never used mine, even with the rifle covered in dirt in a carbine class, it hasn't been necessary. I'm a bit leery of forcing a round into the chamber if it won't go on it's own. There is a saying about the forward assist being useful for turning a simple malfunction into something the armorer has to fix....

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