What rifle do I buy? Rem. 700, M1A SOCOM, Mini-14 or Lee-Enfield SMLE?

This is a discussion on What rifle do I buy? Rem. 700, M1A SOCOM, Mini-14 or Lee-Enfield SMLE? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Also, and I mean this with all due respect to the members here, if you want to really learn about these rifles, this forum is ...

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  • Remington 700 SPS

    17 24.64%
  • Ruger Mini-14

    6 8.70%

    39 56.52%
  • Lee-Enfield SLME

    7 10.14%
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Thread: What rifle do I buy? Rem. 700, M1A SOCOM, Mini-14 or Lee-Enfield SMLE?

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    Also, and I mean this with all due respect to the members here, if you want to really learn about these rifles, this forum is not the best place.

    For Minis, try the "Perfect Union" site's Mini-14 web pages. Some members at Sigforums appreciate Minis, too.

    There is a member at Sigforums, arcwelder, who really knows the M1A/M14. I know there are other sites with members who know these rifles, but cannot think of any at the moment.

    The High Road dot Org will have members who know quite a bit about all of the rifles in question. You will, of course, get some ignorant responses there, too. That place is a big umbrella.

    Like I said, I am not meaning any disrespect to this forum! Some members here will indeed have good information to provide about their rifles. But, this website specializes in concealed carry weapons, equipment, and issues. I come here to learn and share things about CC. I usually look elsewhere for rifle information. I will say there are some very good AR15 folks here!

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    The Socom gets my vote. Should cover all the bases.
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    This thread is 3 years old.
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    The socom would be my choice. Ive always wanted one.

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    Yep, the thread's fairly stale but, oh well...reasonable question and the poll's still open so I voted. I don't mind seeing old threads resurrected if they're still interesting and valid.

    If I had no rifle at all and was looking to add some rifles to the collection over time I'd go for that Remington for sure, out of the listed choices. It'd be the best foundation of a budding rifle collection.

    I personally wouldn't be at all interested in owning a shorty M1A of any sort, prefering the standard model with its longer barrel for ballistics and shootiblilty.

    The Ruger Mini-14 is said to be much improved in recent but I was exposed only to some Mine-14s back in the bad ol' days that produced less than stellar accuracy so that model is tainted in my mind. That and I'm no huge fan of .223. Perhaps one in 7.62X39 would do. Factory spare magazines appear to be a bit costly compared with some other rifles but I don't keep up with aftermarket magazine choices and their prices.

    For the avid handloader the famous and very useful Lee Enfield rifles have much to recommend them. They generally exhibit useful long range accuracy and definitely retain "thump" to way on out there. Two 5-round stripper clips will quickly charge the 10-shot magazine and the bolt is fast and slick. One has to hunt a little more for ammunition sources and it's a bit more expensive, hence the handloading option.
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