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Side by Side or pump?...12 .ga

This is a discussion on Side by Side or pump?...12 .ga within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I like both. The pump can hold more then 2 shots. The double will be a shorter if you decide to cut the barrels down ...

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Thread: Side by Side or pump?...12 .ga

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    I like both. The pump can hold more then 2 shots. The double will be a shorter if you decide to cut the barrels down and is easy to break down and store. I lean more towards the double.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post
    I love the feel and balance of a nice SxS double. I just can't get past the problem of there only being two rounds immediately available. So, it's pump for me.

    Two shells probably isn't going to be enough if there's three BGs, or if there's two guys and you use up both shells on just one of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by semperfi.45 View Post
    ...the Stoeger Double Defense

    Yeah, because one really needs a red-dot to engage multiple targets...with both rounds.

    "Justification": per Merriam-Webster; "to prove or show to be just, right, or reasonable." Invalid justificaions are entirely possible, as are incorrect opinions. If a justification or opinion is made on flawed, invalid or insufficient information, it is invalid.

    Doubles are working firearms. So are muzzle-loaders. Either will kill. Technology has brought more efficient tools, with greater dispensational capability. One may choose to drive a classic Model T, one would generally not make that choice if one's wife was in active labor and one was trying to reach the hospital.

    I have yet to talk to a shooting survivor who expressed a desire for a Colt Peacemaker, an 1898 Mauser, or a double instead of a Beretta/Glock/Sig/1911; AR/AK; or 870/1100/M1.

    Have fun (since most of firearms ownership is for fun) and get what you want; just be clear on functional limitations.

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    I would love to have a coach gun, always wanted one. I have to stay with my 7 +1 18" 870 pump. Grew up with it and comfortable with it's balance and new found (for me) versatility. If I can ever stop buying other gun stuff I would like to own a double.

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    KISS is the thing! If you have a person who is not well versed in things mechanical, how can you go wrong with a S&W mod 19 4 " revolver and a Double bbl with two triggers by the bed? Pick it up and shoot!

    Now when experience and ability is increased then the pumps and semi autos can bring their advantages into the equation.

    But for common folks KISS is hard to beat.

    Match the defensive "Battery" of arms to those who are to use it.

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    The preferred tool for African big game guides, when they have to go into the busy after a wounded animal, is an abbreviated double 12.
    Two barrels.
    Two firing pins.
    Two separate firing mechanisms.
    Absolute utter reliability.
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    Had an Uncle who was a LEO in Detroit for many years. He told me his gun of choice, when going into the really bad places, was a short barreled, side by side 12 ga. He said he liked it for the intimidation factor. He said he never had to fire it, but thought that having the bad guys looking into those two big barrels kept several situations from going bad.
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    Have an 870 Tactical in my bedroom closet. BUT would love a nice Double for behind the seat of my pick-up. SOMETHING about a sideXside in the "Scare-the-S%*t-out-of-them" category!
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