Finaly got my Mossberg 590A1!

Finaly got my Mossberg 590A1!

This is a discussion on Finaly got my Mossberg 590A1! within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Here she is minus the bayonet, which I left at the shop since the gun was $75 cheaper without it. I'll go back for it ...

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Thread: Finaly got my Mossberg 590A1!

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    Finaly got my Mossberg 590A1!

    Here she is minus the bayonet, which I left at the shop since the gun was $75 cheaper without it. I'll go back for it eventually....maybe

    20" Barrel 9 Shot capacity Parkerized Blue with Ghost Ring Sights
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Finaly got my Mossberg 590A1!-img_1222.jpg  

    Finaly got my Mossberg 590A1!-img_1224.jpg  

    Finaly got my Mossberg 590A1!-img_1227.jpg  

    Finaly got my Mossberg 590A1!-img_1228.jpg  

    Finaly got my Mossberg 590A1!-img_1233.jpg  

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    Very Nice!!! I like those sights.
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    Nice have a blast with it.

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    That is what I call a combat shotgun, congrats!
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    Nice shottie...

    I'd say that you've got the HD situation well covered.
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    Oh my.
    1.Is it legal in Michigan?
    2.Where can I get one?
    3.How much?(Of course if you don't mind me asking)
    4.Can you mount a flashlight to it?
    5.I got drool on my keyboard

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    Nice piece! I've got one, with the shorter magazine. Great shotgun but the length of pull is a bit long for me, I'm switching to a Knoxx stock before we qualify again.

    A deputy I know also has one and has the bayonet too. We were qualifying with them a couple of years ago and he tried shooting it with the bayonet in place. It didn't work, the bayonet popped off with the first shot and landed a couple of feet in front of him.

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    Very nice, I think it will serve you well.
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    Love it
    2A is not negotiable

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    Good looking shotgun you have there!
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    Nice shotgun.

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    I got the 6 shot version and love it!
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    Great weapons! Got one myself, but it's got the heat shield and the speedfeed stock instead of the ghost ring sights. I wonder why they haven't made a version with all of the extras yet?

    2 Things:

    1. You may need to buy a replacement magazine spring, I'd recommend Wolff if you do. Some of our 590's have had an issue with the Mossberg spring and have needed to be replaced. Mine ran me $8 including shipping from Brownells.

    2. If you really want a bayonet, the M-7 will also fit the lug, and can be had for less than $20 for a brand new one. It's dagger style, not bowie style, but it still works fine.
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    Great Mossy. That baby is heavy when fully loaded, eh?
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