Home defense shotgun advice

Home defense shotgun advice

This is a discussion on Home defense shotgun advice within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I'm looking for a home defense shotgun. I know that people often use smaller gauges for that purpose (even though I'd still rather have a ...

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Thread: Home defense shotgun advice

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    Home defense shotgun advice

    I'm looking for a home defense shotgun. I know that people often use smaller gauges for that purpose (even though I'd still rather have a 12 gauge). Does anyone have any advice on a brand, length, gauge, pistol grip, etc? I'd like a pump with a decent number of rounds.

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    This is a common topic, try a search on it. There are a lot of opinions. I think the common response is something like the Rem 870. A lot of people like a pump action with an extended tube. A few like side by sides or over unders, some like semi autos. All of them are reliable if the basic gun is a good design.
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    In general, I'd say get a 12 gauge Remington or Mossberg with a conventional stock and a magazine tube extension. Add a tritium bead, flashlight and sling. Nice, simple, effective. I have a Remmington 870 Express HD set up like this.

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    HD Shotty: Remington 870 or a Mossberg 500. Both relatively inexpensive. Mossberg sells theirs in a HD configuration with short barrel and extended tube mag. Personally, 12GA is the way to go. Plenty of stopping power and ammo is readily available.
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    Remington 870 or Mossberg 500/590 both have home defense models, go with no longer than a 20" barrel, and skip the pistol grip, although a light is a good addition.

    Most people I know, and myself, prefer the 12 gauge for HD purposes, now if I had a wife sensitive to recoil, then I'd start looking at 20 gauges.
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    Mossberg 500 w/pistol grip!!!!!!!

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    I use a Mossberg 500 12 ga with an 18.5" barrel an #4 buckshot. I don't have anything fancy on mine other than a home-made flash light mount (made out of a scope mount and a mini maglight).
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    Since we're talking about shotguns... Has anyone fired rifled slugs from an 18" IC smoothbore shotgun, using only a bead front sight? If so, then how accurate could you fire it? 25 feet? 50 yds? I'm asking because I'm considering a barrel for my 870 for HD and am trying to decide between the 18" barrel or the 20" IC barrel with iron sights.
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    The Remington 870 is timeless and comes in a zillion flavors, Second would be the Mossberg 590. But I just dont like how a Mossberg "rattles".
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    Quote Originally Posted by rhrocket22 View Post
    Mossberg 500 w/pistol grip!!!!!!!
    Why? What is so great about a pistol grip that it needs seven exclamation points? This person is looking for advice so please explain.

    To the OP: Go with a Remington or a Mossberg. I'm a lefty so I like the safety position on the Mossbergs better.
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    athough I do not have a Mossberg (yet), I do like the tang safety over the Rem crossbar safety

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    For now, just get one. Wal-Mart carries Mossy Mavericks for under $200. Then you can build or hunt for the one you really want. I took the slow & cheap route for this one a while back but that was before the 'impostor' was ushered into DC.


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    I have a Mossberg Maverick Security 88 with 18.5 inch barrel and use Remington 2 3/4" #4 buckshot. I changed the stock with a Choate MARK 6 Thumbhole Style Shotgun Stock.

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    I went a little different route. I bought a 870 Express turkey gun. 12 ga., 21" barrel with screw in chokes. Besides turkey hunting it has become my HD shottie. It patterns really nicely and the slightly longer barrel is not an issue due to the floorplan of my home.

    I also have a 20 ga. Stoeger coach gun that my wife keeps on her side of the bed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phatty003 View Post
    I'm looking for a home defense shotgun. I know that people often use smaller gauges for that purpose (even though I'd still rather have a 12 gauge). Does anyone have any advice on a brand, length, gauge, pistol grip, etc? I'd like a pump with a decent number of rounds.
    Brand: Benelli
    Model: Nova Tactical or Supernova Tactical
    Length: 18.5" barrel
    Gauge: 12
    Pistol Grip: not for me, but available
    Sights: ghost ring
    Capacity: 4+1, 7+1 with a factory mag extension, 6+1 with aftermarket mag extensions. Factory mag extensions no longer offered, but available from 3rd party vendors like Tom Knapp.
    Price: less than some of the new Remington 870's and Mossberg 590A1's.
    Ammo: accepts anything made, 2 3/4", 3", and 3 1/2"

    Excellent tactical/home defense shotguns, used by military and police forces.
    - Tom
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