A couple questions

A couple questions

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Thread: A couple questions

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    A couple questions

    I am looking at getting an AR here shortly or well the wifey might help for the bday coming up next month. I really like SW mp series also like bushmaster. I like sw lifetime warranty and i want to get a piston AR if possible without running the bank dry. My question does anyone own the sw psx m&p15? how much do they run i can't find any price info any were. My next question what if I buy the m&p 15t or any m&p for that matter and get a Adams piston kit will it get rid of the warranty? I am just trying to find different ways to attack this problem. Any advice would be a great help. I know there is a tone of info out there I just would like some other options. Thank you a head of time.

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    The S&W warranty is not lifetime on their AR line. About the only "affordable" piston AR is the Ruger SR556 retailing around $1500ish. Anything you do to the gun will void a warranty. If you buy an AR, and then a piston kit, you might as well have just gone ahead and bought a SR556.

    Why the need for the piston?

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    Why the need for the piston?

    I was sort of wondering that myself.

    Most people don't use one enough, or in the conditions that warrant a piston, IMHO. BTW: I'm not a fan of the AR, but I do have to use one at work and think it's really good for coyotes and stray dogs.


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    The direct impingement system works fine and probably will never fail you as long as you keep the upper and lower assemblies clean.

    If you do not modify the internal parts of the rifle you will not void your warranty. Adding a optic or hand guard or even another shoulder stock will not cause a voided warranty.

    And if they say it does then you have the Magnussen Moss warranty act to defend you stating that they will have to prove that your EoTech optics cause the bolt to break in half lol...
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    Quote Originally Posted by JD View Post
    ... About the only "affordable" piston AR is the Ruger SR556 retailing around $1500ish....
    Just info. CMMG has piston rifle for under a grand. http://cmmginc.secure-mall.com/shop/...750223&cat=82&

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    If you just really want a piston, ignore the following. If you stay DI, get you a "good" bolt carry assy. One that is mil-spec (and auto) and chrome lined like BCM or Daniel Defense. This is the heart of the gun and can make a big difference.

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    The piston design came about because the AR uses a gas system that dumps powder residue and carbon right onto the bolt, and after several mags it can crude it up to the point that it will cause failures to eject or failures to feed.

    The piston design is more reliable because rather than dump the gas right back into the action, it instead drives a piston which in turn moves the bolt back. Its more reliable because it vents the gases underneath and through the forearm. It reduces gunking up and keeps the action cooler.

    The piston takes the combines the best attribute of the AK-47 and mates it to the AR. Now, you have the reliability of the AK with the accuracy of the AR and the system works very well.

    As an example, I have several AR's. With the gas impingement design, I can run about 2 dozen mags through them before it starts FTE's and ripping rims off. With the gas piston, I have yet to gunk one up enough to worry about it.

    I'm a big believer in the gas piston design and it works well enough that several manufacturers are now making them. The real beauty of it is that the design can be fitted fairly easily and it takes just a few minutes.
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