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Sling on a HD shotgun - do you use one?

This is a discussion on Sling on a HD shotgun - do you use one? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; The single most important option was not on the ballot: Sometimes! Usually, a sling is in the way, for me, but there are times a ...

View Poll Results: Do you utilize a sling for your HD shotgun?

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  • Yes

    27 21.95%
  • Yes - it makes the weapon easier to grab

    2 1.63%
  • Yes - it helps me control/retain the weapon

    18 14.63%
  • No

    31 25.20%
  • No - I think it is totally unnecessary in HD situation

    29 23.58%
  • No - I think the sling just gets in the way

    26 21.14%
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Thread: Sling on a HD shotgun - do you use one?

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    The single most important option was not on the ballot: Sometimes!

    Usually, a sling is in the way, for me, but there are times a sling's usefulness outweighs its shortcomings. The best solution for me is a sling that can be reasonably quickly attached and detached. I prefer a simple strap.

    I use Remington 870 pump shotguns for police duty and home/self-defense. I use them totally ambidextrously, which is one major reason some slings get in the way. Another way slings get in the way is during quick deployment from the cluttered confines of a patrol car, when a sling can snag. I also don't want a sling in place when I am searching a building or thickly vegetated area. Slings are great in open areas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chevy-SS View Post
    Do you use a sling on a HD shotgun? If so, why?

    Please elaborate a little bit on your answers.

    Many thanks

    First question they ask in a police academy, "If you carried it into a scene, what do you do with it, if you don't need it?" Throw it over your shoulder works. Sure don't want to put it down, or walk away from it.

    My sidearm is primary weapon, Mr. Shottie is a good persuader, but I'd rather have the 45 trained on the proned-out bad guy (assuming he isn't cooling).
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    I put a sling on all my long guns. Makes it much easier to throw them on in a situation where I need to grab the guns and go. That way instead of moving them from the safe to a carrying case I can just throw em on and run out the door. I don't think they get in the way... I don't see how one could.
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    My earlier reply covered lot of ground. To narrow it down to HD, I don't see much need for a sling, unless someone has a huge yard, or a ranch or other type of large property. Most homeowners will not have the training to go mobile within a structure while wielding a shotgun, and if moving, the sling must be carefully managed so it does not snag.

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    We are talking about HD, not a police type action.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    We are talking about HD, not a police type action.
    That was why I answered as I did.

    Now, the shotgun in my truck, that I drive to Walmart, has a sling.


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    I use a sling on mine. It's for HD but if we're hiking out in the woods we can sling it and enjoy our walk. We will bring it along in case of large predators. (2 and 4 legged)
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    I do not have a sling on my HD Shotgun, I see no need for it.
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    Yes, I have a sling on the shotgun I use for HD. Maybe I'm unusual, but I don't have the luxury of owning a single-purpose shotgun, just for indoor HD scenarios. I need to be able to take this with me out of the house and still have my hands free. For me, the sling is to my shotgun, as the holster is to my pistol.

    Do I need a sling for an in-house confrontation? Probably not. In my experience, though, real situations evolve in directions we can't predict. If you think HD is just about defending in place inside the home, I think the people of Homestead would disagree. We have to adapt to a fluid situation, and rely on the fundamental skills developed in training. Just as I have trained with a holster, I have trained with a sling.

    For those who think transitioning from a shotgun to pistol is too slow, and that you should voluntarily give up control of your weapon (i.e., drop it), I offer this for your consideration:
    Shotgun with 2 point sling transition to pistol
    - Tom
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    I sling mine, muzzle down over my left shoulder. In that position, I can grab it by the forestock and rotate the muzzle up and forward, bringing it into shooting position as fast or faster than a lot of people can if theirs is not slung.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TSKnight View Post

    I use a single point sling. I walk with a cane and it allows me to keep the shotgun in the ready position and still be relatively mobile.
    To expand me earlier answer...

    I live on a 200 acre farm with my Parents across the yard from me. My HD shotgun does double duty for 4-legged predators as well as home defense. We have coyotes around almost every night.

    I only have one single point sling, so it gets shared between the HD Mossberg, 45 Colt saddle ring Carbine, and the Mini-14. The sling hangs next to the shotgun in the closet. Takes 2-3 seconds to deploy the sling if I believe it may be needed. The mini-14 and carbine are locked in the gun closet. The shotgun has a 'clamshell' lock on it. NOTHING is left unlocked/unattended in the house with the 3-year old around.
    I keep my carry gun on me or in my nightstand for a quick response.
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    Here we go again! HD means for the most part<25 feet and for those of us stuck in the Middle Class, <21 feet. It will probably actually be somewhere between 10 and 15 feet for actual contact.
    I cannot envision shooting 5 times with a shotgun (or more, as I practice combat reload) and then having the time to transition to a handgun. I think I will probably be dead if I don't resolve the matter within two shots! We are not talking a protracted combat engagement with Al Quaida here, we are talking a housebreaker rushing across the room and trying to shut you up.

    HD Shotgun needs to be slick and simple. No gadgets and nothing to remember. No sling here.
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    I would prefer a single point attachment sling, for now I will settle for a dual attachment point sling to help me transition to the XD if need be, as well as assist in retention if that becomes an issue
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    Single Point. I may have to venture through the house to get others or get out. In which case, I prefer the use of a pistol but would rather keep a long gun close by as an option. Having a sling also gives you the ability to use your hands without sitting the gun down temporarily.
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    I don't keep one on the HD shotgun.

    In addition to many reasonable comments already given, I have found there is a tendency for it to catch on the wall racks/hooks when I try and quickly grab the gun out.

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