What optics on your defense rifle?

What optics on your defense rifle?

This is a discussion on What optics on your defense rifle? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I am thinking about putting an EOTECH HWS on my AR carbine. What do you use (if you use any) and why? Any thoughts on ...

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    What optics on your defense rifle?

    I am thinking about putting an EOTECH HWS on my AR carbine. What do you use (if you use any) and why? Any thoughts on the EOTECH?

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    Here is a thread from a few months back that pretty much shows my thought process while selecting my Aimpoint, with the other major contender being an eo-tech, might make for an interesting read for you.

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    On an AR-15, the EO Tech 510 (2 AA batteries) is a perfect addition. IMHO. There are cheaper things one can use, but the EO Tech will last forever.
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    I loved my EOTech. They are expensive, but well worth the money.
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    I have an Aimpoint right now, but on my coyote rifle, not my defensive rifle.

    When I get ready to put something on the AR it will be an EOTech.


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    YouTube - Aimpoint vs EOTECH: Game Changers

    This might help, its an overview of the aimpoint vs. the eotect.
    Its kinda long but the guy goes through all the differences between the two and then decides on one in which he likes the most.

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    Eotech 512 rev. F here. If I had the money I would have an ACOG on mine. EO 512 is a very good weapon sight if you get the "AA" battery model. Use Lithiums and store your weapon with batteries out of the unit otherwise they will drain over time. About 1100 hrs. run time this way.

    Edit to add: The 512 is a great CQB sight inside 100 yards. It is fast on target with the 65 m.o.a. circle surrounding the dot. The new production units have the controls on the side making it easier to activate and adjust, although I don't mind mine being on the end. Being a HWS if any portion of the glass is damaged or obscured, you can move over and look out a portion of the glass that is not and your aiming point does not vary. The dot will move with you and you will still hit the target as long as you keep the dot on it. Neat system and one that I am very happy with.

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    I have EO Tech's and Aimpoints. I like the EO Tech for the circle and dot. Faster to aquire the target and more percise at longer range. The Aimports are bullet proof but the EO Tech's fit my need.
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    I'm still in the "don't want optics" camp on a defense rifle.

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    I use Aimpoint on my AR's. To me the red dot is better to pick up.

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    Got a 512 AA model on my AK and I have no complaints, works great and target acquisition is very quick.

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    Be prepared to spend about $500 buck. If there is a gun show near you soon. Look at some of the other options. You can also check web sites for used ones. The eo tech's , ACOG's and Aimpoints are combat grade, so if they've been on home defense guns, they should be ok, used.
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    I don't want anything that has glass in it or requires batteries on my AK-47. The great virtue of an AK is that it is nearly indestructable, and relatively fragile sights conprimise that indestructability. At the ranges where I expect to deploy that AK, I have no problem with the iron sights. I did open up the notch in the rear sight which makes picking up the sight picture quicker, particularly in poor light.

    On a good AR-15, I do think that optics of some kind are required to use the accuracy of the platform to best advantage. Since the gun requires more careful treatment than the AK-47, the vulnerability of optics is less of an issue.

    With reguard to magnification, I have shot running game at powderburn ranges with a 2 1/2 power scope, and never felt it was too much. I have also shot game at 300+ yards with that same scope, and felt that it was about at it's limit of usefulness.
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    I either want a C-more or an Eotech 512.... If you are using it to fight, you really only need something zeroed to 100yds.

    I used to have an old DPMS with a C-more I zeroed at 100 yds, but hit all the way out to 200 all the time during three gun matches......

    Bottom line - Keep it as simple as possible......
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    Quote Originally Posted by oldfiredog View Post
    What optics on your defense rifle?
    EOTech 553.
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