Travelling case for a long gun

Travelling case for a long gun

This is a discussion on Travelling case for a long gun within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Ok, I have seen numerous people post here and elsewhere that they travel across the country with a long gun for the trip and while ...

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Thread: Travelling case for a long gun

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    Travelling case for a long gun

    Ok, I have seen numerous people post here and elsewhere that they travel across the country with a long gun for the trip and while they are in a hotel. My question, and only question, is what kind of case are people using to tote it around in from car to where they are staying that does not arouse suspicion and fear in the sheep?

    Let me be clear, this is simply a thread about the case, not about laws, about the condition of carry and ammunition, but just how do folks travel with their weapon?

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    Some of the assault rifle soft cases look like a guitar case to the unknowing; I know that when I used to live in an apartment building in a larger city, I was asked what kind if guitar I played when I was heading out with my AR to the range...
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    I picked up a real nice aluminum case with foam interior on eBay. Has built in combination locks and looks like a large briefcase. No ones ever looked twice at it.
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    I haven't thought about it before but how about an electronic keyboard case? A person should be able to find one cheap at a flea market or second hand (junk) store. I think they come in different sizes so you just have to hunt for one to fit your long gun.

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    Be very careful about two of the previous posts. In Illinois if the case isn't designed "for the purpose" it's not legal. A lot of states enacted similar laws after "Son of Sam" was captured with, I believe, a .44 magnum in a brown paper bag. The other is that the foam in a sealed case when subjected to radical changes in temperature can collect moisture and rust your weapon. If I was going to put any gun in a foam lined case for any length of time I'd put it in a silicone sleeve first.

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    They make top of the line dry boxes and rifle cases as well. To anyone who would care to notice I am obviously carrying a gun but it is a plain plastic case and most don't even blink at it. The price is a little up there about 200-220 depending on where you find one but after the first time you have an airline break a scope when you are flying in the day before season opener you'll never look back.

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