AR-15 Recommendations and why?

AR-15 Recommendations and why?

This is a discussion on AR-15 Recommendations and why? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; All, I am looking to purchase my first AR. So far I am I am interested in a Bushy c15, because of the decreased weight. ...

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Thread: AR-15 Recommendations and why?

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    AR-15 Recommendations and why?


    I am looking to purchase my first AR. So far I am I am interested in a Bushy c15, because of the decreased weight. I am at the beginning of my research so please share you opinions.

    What recommendations do you have for a good value AR and why?

    What features should I look for?

    What should I avoid

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    I have the Bushmaster XM 15 . I chose it because it offers a lot of the features I wanted and a lot of versatility for future add ons

    You might want to think about what you are going to use it for. And work from there.
    If you are looking for target AR, you should consider match grade. If you want an HD/ Plinker You might want to look at ones that offer rails or flat tops.

    Also there is the build your own option.

    Good luck.
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    You have excellent suggestions thus far. I would have given you two out of three of the same links the above poster has given, and I'll agree with varob on the Bushmaster rifles. I'm on my fourth one near as I can remember, and I've traded up to what I really wanted and stuck with them. Excellent customer support (if you need it). Flawless functioning with magazines and ammo in good condition (you need to do your part). Closest thing to my former M16 while under the employ of our federal government, familiar in that way, fully fit and operational with good fit and finish. All I need is the basics to survive, and if my life is on the line with my Bushmaster, then that's where I'm at. Best "value" in my opinion for what you'll get.

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    I have a Bushmaster too with 16in heavy barrel
    Mine does not have a flat top but wish it did.
    Its been very reliable. If you get one I would suggest
    putting on a telescopic stock and a flashlight grip on the forend rail
    just to name a few add ons

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    As mentioned there are a lot of good values out there as in the Bushmaster, but also check the DPMS for a quality M4 as well. Good luck in your quest.

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    Best AR's...
    Colt, Noveske, BCM, Larue, LMT, Daniel Defense, Sabre Defence, FN...

    OK AR's...
    Stag, Bushmaster, Smith and Wesson, Rock River...

    AR's to stay away from...
    Oly Arms, DPMS, CMMG...

    Get an AR that's as close to mil-spec as possible. Anything less is exactly that. Enough research on your behalf will prove this advise to be absolutely true. Check with the pro's on and verify my post.

    Good luck in your choice.

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    DPMS makes EXCELLENT AR's, and they're reasonably priced.
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    First off, let me state that I am not an AR-15 fan.

    I have used one at work for the two agencies I have worked for. With that said, both have been Colt. Earlier this year I wanted to get an AR so that I could train on my own time. I can't use the agency's guns for personal training, so I had to buy my own.

    I decided to get the same thing I use at work, the Colt 6920. Besides being what I use at work, I know that it is Mil-Spec, well made, reliable, has good warranty service and most important to me, holds it's value better than any of the others I was looking at.

    There is truth to the old statement, "You get what you pay for." Now that I have the Colt, I may buy a second AR just "because". I'm not as concerned about the second one being "all that and a bag of chips". So I may get something a little less exspensive, but also a little less quality.

    Get the Colt, you won't be sorry.


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    All AR15's are "parts guns" meaning that even Colt buys their parts from another vendor. I do not believe that Colt manufactures anything. They assemble and do the Quality checking, which is what you pay for. If you do enough research, you could probably build your own weapon, with as good of quality, for less.

    Personally, I built mine from a Superior Arms lower and an LMT upper and have been very happy.
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    My 2 cents:

    I love the carry handle on top

    I like a lightweight rifle that can fire both .223 and 5.56mm

    I would want rails on it

    I would definately want an adjustable (collapsable) stock

    I would want the ability to add optics, laser, light, bayonet, silencer

    Any color as long as it is black

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    All ARs may be "parts guns", but each company sets the standards on what parts they will allow on their rifle and how they are assembled. The drunk monkeys at DPMS and Oly do not have the same standards as the guys at Colt, BCM, or LMT.

    Personally, I'd read up a lot at and find out what's important to you. Those guys run their guns for a living and know what works and what doesn't.

    What they seem to be recommending most lately (especially since it's in the same price bracket as lesser Bushy rifles) are the following:

    BCM 16" Mid-Length Complete Rifle at G&R Tactical

    BCM 16" M4 Complete Rifle at G&R Tactical

    Daniel Defense XV M4 Carbine at G&R Tactical

    Daniel Defense 16" M4 at G&R Tactical
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    The LMT Bolt Carrier group is probably the best deal on the market. Particularly the Full auto version. ( A bit beefier, legal for normal ARs)
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    I built a Spikes Tactical dedicated 5.56 AR from 100% Spikes parts and it is flawless. Excellent build quality and component quality. I am currently building a Spikes dedicated 9mm AR and once again I am truly BLOWN AWAY by the build quality. Since the 9mm variant does not use the gas impingement system, thus no need for a gas tube, the Spikes 9mm upper is milled out of a solid billet of aluminum. Everything about the gun so far screams quality. The new Spikes 9mm magazine well adapter is also the best I've seen so far. It accommodates a wide variety of magazines and has a very attractive price point. I'm waiting for a few more parts to arrive before I get it assembled. Range report to follow...

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