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Should I have gone for the Colt?

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Thread: Should I have gone for the Colt?

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    Another good thing about the S&W that I want to point out is they're offering five Magpul PMags with the purchase of an M&P15 until December 31, 2009. However if you live in a state that restricts standard capacity magazines, your only option is five 10 round aluminum mags.

    Thanks everyone for the feedback. If I do get another AR15 which there is a good chance I will.... it'll most certainly be the Colt 6920.
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    Enjoy your new rifle! The M&P is just fine. The Colt rifles are solid to be sure but, the ones that are sold to one and all (read semi auto only) are not mil-spec. The difference is a matter of a set of pins, BCG, different hammer and of course the absence of the auto sear. Some of the semi auto guns from Colt do not have the chromed chamber/bore and some do not have a 1 in 7 twist rate in the bbl. The 6920s do though. The M&P, and a host of other AR-15s, are great rifles and will give you tens of thousands of rounds of reliable service. I happen have a Colt issued to me. It is a mil-spec gun and it runs no better or worse than the 2 M&P rifles that were just purchased by my agency. Again, enjoy and be confident that, with routine maintenance, the M&P will run great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jcabin View Post
    So you say you saw colt 6920's for $1500-1600?
    Too expensive you thought, so you bought a S&W MP15 and saved ALMOST 500 dollars. That means you probably spent over 1100 on a S&W MP15. I don't want to get you upset, but you got RIPPPPPEDDDDDD OFF.

    There are a few rules when you buy guns, the list as follows:

    1) Only suckers buy at the MSRP (which is what you did, possibly even more)
    2) Shop around at multiple gun shops
    3) Shop around online
    4) Once you realize you can buy almost any gun for HUNDREDS of dollars cheaper off gunbroker, never buy in a gun shop again.
    5) Find the gun shop with the cheapest transfer fee's and have all your guns sent there.

    If you look online right now you can probably find half a dozen new in box Colt 6920's selling for $1100 + 25 shipping. The bidding often war doesn't go to high, I see them sell regularly for 1100 flat.

    I bought my XDm new in box for $500 on gunbroker, they are selling in local gun shops for $650-700.

    My advice, is if you didnt shoot your new rifle, go back with a SOB story and tell the guy you need the money or you will lose your house or something and dont ever go back. You got ripped off and that guy took the money laughing all the way to the bank.

    The colt 6920 is the premium AR on the market, it's built 100% to military spec and is the standard issue rifle of the US Army. It is the most sought after rifle by our law enforcement community.

    Military spec MEANS ALOT. Alot of people however will tell you it means jack, thats because they are happy with their 600-800 dollar AR's and don't want their pride kicked in the dirt.

    These are also the same people who generally only shoot 3 or 400 rounds over 5 years and claim their rifle is as good as any "fancy pants" rifle. Their rifles dont have a chance to break, so they cant really complain. There are exceptions to the rule, but you know you're getting top of the line when you get a colt 6920.

    If you have any more questions feel free to ask away.

    The S&W MP15 is not a bad rifle by any means, but it is no where near the quality of a 6920. I would normally tell people to save up an extra $200-300 and just buy the colt 6920 over a SWMP15, Stag, Bushmaster, etc, and have 100% confidence you're getting a 100% mil spec PROVEN assault rifle. But you already spent more than the price of a 6920 on a rifle that isnt even in the same class.

    Hopefully you can correct the situation.
    I have a DTI and DPMS built AR... I spent many years with the colt. I have to disagree with this... Granted Ive not had my current ar very long but comparing all the guts and what makes the DTI from the colt, the DTI is just as well built, I cant speak for the spikes or s&w tho ive never seen one or tore one down.

    let the flaming begin

    I also have to ask, were you in the military? I was, and although the M16A2 is a great weapon there's not many but a few rifles out there I myself and my battle buddies wouldve traded our mil spec issued weapons for. Just because its Mil spec doesnt mean its the greatest thing EVAR, I spent 8 years active army as an 95B MP and can tell you straight up, alot of Mil Spec stuff is CRAP. Mil spec means nothin to me after my 8 years active a 4 years reserve time of playing with milspec issued equipment..

    FYI:: Im not trying to be an ass or start a ******* match, I'm just speaking from what Ive seen and experienced first hand.

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