Battle of Tactical .22LRs

Battle of Tactical .22LRs

This is a discussion on Battle of Tactical .22LRs within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I am noticing many more tactical .22lrs lately and am considering checking one out. So far I have the following and I am sure there ...

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Thread: Battle of Tactical .22LRs

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    Battle of Tactical .22LRs

    I am noticing many more tactical .22lrs lately and am considering checking one out. So far I have the following and I am sure there are others. Can anyone add to the list. Of these, which would you pick? My main concern is that it should be reliable, I don't want to worry about ammo when it comes to a fun plinking rifle. I just want to shoot whatever I can get, no excuses.

    - Ruger SR22
    - Keltec SU22
    - SW M&P15-22
    - Sig 522
    - GSG-5

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    Colt AR15-22
    manufactured by Walther for Colt and imported by Umarex.
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    Out of the list, I think I'd go with the Ruger SR22.

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    I have a Rhineland Arms .22, but I don't think they make them any more. AR-15 trigger, HK G-3 stock, their action and barrel. It uses 10-22 mags, and you tell them what length and diameter barrel you want.
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    I'd go with the Sig 522, but I'm biased. I have never had problems with ANY of the Sigs I own, and would trust them implicitly. I'd also like to have a lot more of them
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    I have one of the GSG-5s & it is a lot of fun!

    I've seen the others, but haven't shot them. Colt also is making one.
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    The Ruger SR 22 is just a 10/22 inside a stock for a lot of money.
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    What's everyone think of the Ruger Tactical Target? I think a reliable platform with spare parts everywhere. Just no rails, lights, lasers, vertical grips or bayonet lugs. Looks like a pretty good squirrel getter though.

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    Do you have any inclination to use it as an AR platform trainer? If so, you can eliminate some from the list. The only ones that match AR ergos are the S&W, the Colt, and various AR conversions. Which is another idea, if you have an AR you could get a conversion kit or upper.
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    They all seem nice. A local GS owner I talked to has a GSG-5 and say his is a lot of fun but he has to make sure he feeds it hi-velocity ammo or it tends to jam and be less accurate.
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    Spikes Tactical AR 22 Dedicated upper.
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    I got a GSG 5,I shoot federal 550 bulk 22 LR out of it all day long with almost 0 FTF
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    Here is a good comparison between the SW and COLT:

    YouTube - S&W M&P 15-22 Field Review with Colt Umarex M4

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    my friend bought a GSG at a local gun show, thing is a piece of junk. I dunno what kind of ammo it needs, but everything we try it jams all the time.

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