My wife and I shoot a lot of Trap, and reload all of our ammunition for it as well. I shoot a Browning BT-99 for singles, and a Citori Trap for doubles. My wife shoots a pair of Beretta A-390's. I have a Remington 1100 Trap I purchased new back in 1972. But I have to say the Beretta is a better balanced gun if you feel a semi auto is the way to go.

Remember if you do decide to go with a semi to include the length of the receiver into your barrel length. A 30" barrel on a semi will give you the same sight radius as a 34" barreled single, or O/U because you have to take into consideration the length of the receiver on a repeater.

It's pretty hard to beat any Browning Trap gun. They are not too costly, and they are very well built. You most always can get your money out of them if you take good care of them. Bill T.