Safely and unobtrusively secure a shotgun for quick access / home defense?

Safely and unobtrusively secure a shotgun for quick access / home defense?

This is a discussion on Safely and unobtrusively secure a shotgun for quick access / home defense? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; With the grandkids coming over these days I keep all the goodies locked up in a secure location, my carry piece in a gunvault in ...

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Thread: Safely and unobtrusively secure a shotgun for quick access / home defense?

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    Safely and unobtrusively secure a shotgun for quick access / home defense?

    With the grandkids coming over these days I keep all the goodies locked up in a secure location, my carry piece in a gunvault in pseudo hidden place, and my nightstand home defense handgun in another gunvault type safe in the nightstand drawer.

    What I really want to have in the bedroom for quick access is a home defense configured shotgun, but can't figure out a way of securing it that remains fairly quick access yet unobtrusive in my wife's decoration scheme.

    Any suggestions? What do you do? If I lived alone or didn't have kids coming over maybe I could have it up high in the closet or with a trigger guard on it, but am not too comfy with those thoughts in my situation. Neither would the unsecured loaded guns if under 14 year olds are in the house.

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    Maybe, when kids are visiting, disassemble the shotgun and lock the parts in different locations of your home/car. I would also add a trigger lock, for extra peace of mind. The problem? - no quick access.

    Or, buy a gun safe.
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    Look into the electronic type locks used in LE cars. Hidden switch to get the gun out of an enclosed bracket.

    As to kids under 14, seems that 14 and up is when that "Specially Enhanced Stupid Curiosity" kicks in. I'd be more worried about the early teens that younger.

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    Gunvault makes this Shotgun Safes | Breech Vault | GunVault
    You might be better with their discontinued model (if you can find one). It was mounted on a wall and wrapped around the shotgun's action and was opened by their hand-shaped button system. I find it fast and simple.
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    If you've got an obscure way to keep it in the closet, why not buy one of the gun locks that come with pistols and run it from the bottom of the gun through the ejection port, that's as safe as you can get because it's physically impossible to close the action, thereby making it inoperable but still relatively quick to access if you or your wife needs it.

    Edit: here's a link to how it would look

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    Gun safe in the bedroom closet.

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    I have one of these screwed to the wall in the closet. Survival & Emergency Preparedness: Mossberg Loc-Box Review
    Certainly not the most secure method theft-wise, but it does a decent job of keeping a "cruiser safe" shotgun ready to go.
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    I don't secure mine exactly. I do keep it "cruiser ready". Magazine full, empty chamber. My kids are not old enough to work the action. You could keep the mag full, open the action, and run a cable lock through the action and out the bottom where you load it possibly. Or get a trigger lock and lock it on an unloaded chamber. Gun safes are not the only option if you can find a way to disable the ability to fire the weapon. Good luck. My kids are young, and I am already educating them on gun safety. I use height to my advantage as well. They simply cannot get to some of my firearms yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guns and more View Post
    Gun safe in the bedroom closet.
    I think that is generally good but in the worst case scenario, you want shotgun in hand in less than five seconds. Going to the bedroom closet can require 5x that amount of time.

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    Great idea!

    Put this one behind a flat, framed picture and no one would know...
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    I'm liking the picture frame from The Sportsman's Guide, too. IIRC I've also seen one that's a mirror. That or a picture frame should fit into anybody's decor.

    Then put a lock on the bedroom door and lock it if there are young guests.

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    I've seen a gun holding apparatus for just this purpose somewhere on the net but I don't remember where. It goes between your matress and box springs and allows the weapon to be right beside you while you are in the bed. In the daytime a bed skirt will cover it and make it not so ugly to your wife!
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    Don't have one, but though it looked good.

    BedBunker Concealed Gun Safe
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