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Thread: Hunting Shotgun

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    Hunting Shotgun

    Hey Everyone,

    I know this is slightly out of place given this is a defensive forum... but I'm willing to bet I can still get some feedback on hunting shotguns here...

    Currently I hunt with the shotgun my father had as a kid. It's a singles-shot, break neck style weapon. I love it, and I've gotten pretty surgical with it on the trap range. There's something about only having one shot that teaches you to make your one shot count.

    But, I'm looking to get a 20 gauge pump-action weapon for bird hunting. I'm basically looking for a quail gun, though it's possible I might hunt some pheasant with it down the road.

    My father has a Browning pump-action 20 gauge that I love. From looking at Browning's website, I think it's one of the BPS guns, the Hunter, the Micro, or the Micro Trap. These guns are pretty much exactly what I want and are in my price range (~ $600).

    Anyone have any thoughts on any of these guns? Does anyone else have any thoughts on comparable guns in the same price range that I should consider? Thanks in advance!
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    Browning makes top notch products. If you can afford one, I'd say go for it.
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    My newest Browning shotgun was made in 1955. If was looking for a new pump I would start with 870. or one of them Benili things.
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    No question about it browning makes quality firearms. My 2 cents I have had my 870 for 15 yrs now and no problems whatsoever. I did just buy a remington 887..why well why not. I had $1000 for a shotgun, I dont like semi auto for hunting so I was looking at pumps. There are alot of shotguns out there under $400 that rock like remington, benelli I used the "extra money" for shells, decoys, and new clothing and I am sure my 887 and 870will last as long as a browning for almost half the price.
    Guess I am cheap...but again Browning is quality friends have them and love them
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    I'm an avid bird hunter and asked the exact same question here a few months ago. I didn't buy a BPS, but did a lot of research on them and came close. I chose to stick with auto's instead of switching to a pump.

    Like everything Browning, its a nice shotgun. Quality is top notch. The only downside is, its a tad heavy. I have become spoiled and prefer a light weight upland gun.

    The only other gun that is really comparable in a pump is the 870 Wingmaster. Forget the express models if you are comparing with a BPS.... they just don't compare.

    The only other thought I'll leave you with is to consider an auto. I switched a few years ago to autos. They are lighter and slimmer and shooting quail over a good dog with a good auto is just plain old fashioned fun. There are a lot of good auto's out there in your price range.
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    You might consider a Benelli Nova Pump in 20ga. 24" and 26" chrome-lined barrel configurations, 6.6 lbs. All in your price range.
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    I swung into Gander Mountain today to have a look for a P238. Didn't find any. Then went looking for .40S&W Corbon DPX... didn't find any. Found myself in shotguns... ooo la la.

    I handled a few different options. Man do I love some of those over/under Browning shotguns... to bad they're well over $1000 for the interchangeable barrel ones that I like.

    Ended up with the gun in hand that I want. Browning BPS Upland Special. 20 gauge like I want, love how nimble the 22" short barrel is, and it's a good weight at six and a half pounds (or so). $529 there at Gander, but I have a $50 gift card from Christmas that will help with that.
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