Romanian Question

Romanian Question

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Thread: Romanian Question

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    Romanian Question

    Hello, I just got a Romanian rifle. As any of you with experience with it knows, it is pretty rough-looking off the rack, with all the machine marks and scratches on the metal, and the "just got carved off of a tree we cut down 10 minutes ago" look to the wood. I've seen pictures of some of yours that you got to look really pretty, and I was wondering how you went about getting a decent polish to the metal and what you used for the stock? Thanks for any tips you can give, it's my first AK and I don't want to do anything wrong with it...

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    I wish I could be of more help. Take your time. Research the internet. Find a good (active) forum on the AK rifles. Specific insider information will be key. In the mean time, congratulations on your Romanian rifle, and you can find out how it shoots despite it's looks. It has a history of one of the finest battle rifles ever made. Preserve it well. Certain firearms would draw a line in the sand for me as to how much or how little to modernize them or improve them cosmetically. Functionality should be the #1 concern, and accumulating spare parts while they are still available, or upgrading internals while keeping the integrity and history intact might be your best bet on this rifle and what will make it worthy for you to be impressed by it for years to come. Looks aint everything, and if I were to take a rifle into battle, I'll guarantee it won't be the nicest looking one, but the most functional one, and the one with the most experience. If you're on a budget like me, and willing to DIY, in my opinion, find another wood stock cheap, or find a polymer stock and work on refinishing the wood stock. The wood work will be easier to do, and in your spare time you can still research what needs to take place on the metal working before you experiment. I find gun shows most useful in finding spare parts cheap....just know what you're looking for and what you're looking at. Sometimes even the sellers don't know what they are selling or their applications. Good luck with it all. It will all come together in time.

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    Here are a bunch of generic links I've found interesting or useful at various times. The forums listed are only included due to the AK expertise resident there, otherwise I spend all of my time here............I have a Norinco, so I'm not much help with the Romanian AK's, but Ram Rod has it right.

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