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Keeping Shottie Loaded?

This is a discussion on Keeping Shottie Loaded? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by cerveza4lu Thanks for all the replies! Never realized "shottie" was a bad term. I've always heard them referenced this way along with ...

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Thread: Keeping Shottie Loaded?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cerveza4lu View Post
    Thanks for all the replies! Never realized "shottie" was a bad term. I've always heard them referenced this way along with "scattergun" etc. Looks like the consensus is to keep the tube loaded and chamber empty and that's what I'm going to start doing.

    Eventually, when $$$ and time permit I plan on getting my CHL and a pistol for daily wear but for now the pump will have to do. I hope to never have to use it for SD but if the need arises I want to have the best odds of protecting my wife and kids.
    Thats's odd, my coach gun still fires if I call it a 'shottie'...not a problem for me or my gun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Thats's odd, my coach gun still fires if I call it a 'shottie'...not a problem for me or my gun.
    Well obviously, your coach gun is deaf!

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    I agree, with the others. Keep it loaded! That bad guy isnt gonna wait until you load, pump, point & shoot. Eliminate some of these steps, and only require yourself to have to point & shoot once your shotty is retrieved. Retrieval time is enough without having to do the rest as well. The spring will be fine. I've keep mine loaded and ready to go for over 10 years. I shoot it periodically but once I do, I reload it and store it in the ready-2-blast mode!

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    Yes, keep the defensive shotgun loaded and please for the love of sanity stop using cutesy terms like shottie!
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    keep it loaded
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    You can call it whatever you like.
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    I always keep one in the chamber at home also. Makes less noise (pumping it ain't gonna scare nobody), gives me an extra round, and it's ready to fire. Gun ain't gonna shoot itself, so I'm not worried.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill DeShivs View Post
    Of course you can keep it loaded. How would people have used unloaded guns all these years?
    And, it's a shotgun, not a "shottie."
    Buddy of mine wanted me to "grab my shottie and pound some rings" I laughed and said I am straight

    He wanted to go pheasant hunting....I went anyway

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