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Price reductions on "Black" rifles

This is a discussion on Price reductions on "Black" rifles within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I think the same is happening with ammo. Or beginning to. There's still a shortage at WM, but the gun shop had stacks and stacks ...

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Thread: Price reductions on "Black" rifles

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    I think the same is happening with ammo. Or beginning to.
    There's still a shortage at WM, but the gun shop had stacks and stacks of it on the shelves for higher prices.
    Even Wolf 9mm FMJ was stickered for $15!!! Why would I pay that when I can get it for less than $12 across town? The other place doesn't have the selection of SD ammo, but they've never failed to have Brown Bear 9mm.

    I think the laws of supply and demand are taking effect. After a year or so of frantically buying up ammo and guns in anticipation of new legislation, people are reaching a point they feel they have "enough". Or perhaps they're budgets simply can't sustain any more.
    I've watched AmmoEngine off and on for the last few months. I've noticed the cheapest prices on 9mm creep down to .19/round. And .380 has gone from 3 or 4 choices to 10, and the low-end price drop from .60/round to .43.
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    Generally, I'm seeing prices get a bit more 'normal', but I'm not sure they will ever get down to the old prices. AKs are as cheap as they will likely ever be, but the supply of Soviet-Block AKs is about exhausted. They will likely do the same as the Mosin-Negant M-44s when the supply ran dry: get scarce and expensive. American made AKs will be available, but the price will be high.

    ARs are being produces as quickly as possible, and the prices on them may come down a bit more, but it is not an inexpensive rifle to produce, so it cannot go down much more.

    We need to face the fact that 'black rifles' are not going to be the bargains that they were. Given the political situation, they are worth whatever we have to pay.
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    Prices are down here in Houston, too... I noticed they had Monarch brass 9mm FMJ for $7.99 per 50 round box...
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    Oh, don't worry folks. Just wait until someone starts talking about outlawing them, then the madness will begin again.

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    They are in stock more but in general I saw all gun prices go up in early 2009 and even with the recession I don't seem many gun shops backing down their prices. They've just gotten rid of some of the more insane prices. I have notices some local gun shops ordering in more of the lower end guns versus the higher end ones like Springfield EMP's.

    If the recession continues or takes another dip we may see real price relieve but I think it's unlikely. And as someone else said, as soon as the Democrats get guns back in their sights (and they will) it'll continue.


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    One of my suppliers thinks they'll get a small shipment of CCI primers this week. It's been 9mos since they ran out.
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    i have seen the same. over inflated prices were not selling and the guns were setting. they had to do something. i bet they will come down some more. you will see the same with hand guns. at most of the stores hand guns are collecting dust. even the sales in the newpaper are not selling. why pay the over inflated price?
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    IIRC, Daniel Defense laid off some workers some months ago, and had a fire sale price on a certain configuration of their upper receiver. While others were snapping up black rifles at election time, I managed to grab a couple of new Marlin .357 lever rifles, an 1894C and an 1894CB, which had been very hard to find before. So, the black rifle craze benefited me. If I'd had more money, I might have fnally bought a Garand, as they were languishing on dealer racks, as they lacked black color and plastic. (This changed later, as Garands and .30-06 ball ammo were snapped up in a frenzy.)

    I did buy an S&W M&P15 lower receiver, a Rock River LRPK, and other quality brand-name parts, at normal prices, during the fever, by being patient. This allowed me to complete a 20" HBAR Colt upper I had purchased before the fever hit, at a quite good price, perhaps $900 for everything. As a 20" HBAR with an A2 stock was exactly what I wanted, this was good. It would have taken longer, or paying inflated prices, to build something more "tactical" or M4gery-ish.

    My main regret in the area of "black" guns was not getting another 870P at the time I bought my last one in 2002 or 2003.
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