Assault rifle vs. combat rifle nomenclature

Assault rifle vs. combat rifle nomenclature

This is a discussion on Assault rifle vs. combat rifle nomenclature within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I am changing my terminology. From now on, whenever I engage in conversations about rifles previously known as assault rifles, I am going to make ...

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Thread: Assault rifle vs. combat rifle nomenclature

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    Assault rifle vs. combat rifle nomenclature

    I am changing my terminology. From now on, whenever I engage in conversations about rifles previously known as assault rifles, I am going to make it a point to call them combat rifles. Maybe even tactical rifles. My thinking is that the media has so demonized these rifles to such a point that they elicit very negative emotions. Combat and/or tactical rifles elicit no such response. In fact, they probably elicit a favorable connotation.
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    IMO combat carbine is more appropriate.

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    I would tend to agree with Chooie.

    I work in TV broadcasting and I can tell you, trying to make a pin head reporter understand that the civilian AR15 isn't the same thing as the M16 is impossible. They know it all. I have tried to explain the differences but to no avail so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chooie View Post
    IMO combat carbine is more appropriate.
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    Just so you're aware, the US Military's definition of "assault rifle" includes full-auto operation...

    A while back I engaged a couple of people at work who were complaining about "these kids with assault weapons." Without telling them they were stupid or misinformed, I asked if they know what an assault weapon was and how to get one. Their "common knowledge" was that assault weapons are machine guns and you can buy them in gun stores and at shows. These two had zero "hard knowledge" at all. I let them know that in around 1910, my grandfather hunted deer with a Winchester .351 semi-automatic rifle which today would be labeled an "assault weapon" by some. Also, neither one knew that possession of full-auto weapons was already covered by Federal law (NFA). You never see THAT in the popular news media!
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    One of the new buzz terms is "Tactical Sporting Rifle" I prefer that over assault rifle or military style.

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    All mine, from a "Trapdoor" Springfield .45-70 to an AR 15, are just rifles around here.

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    I like combat carbine and combat rifle both! Great idea.

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    I think combat carbine or combat rifle is a good term although I wish we could think of something to replace "combat" because to many who are uneducated, they'll see as little need for you and I to have any kind of "combat" weapons as they do for us having an "assault" weapon.

    Along this same line, I was recently corrected by a few NRA trainers that my use of the word "weapon" was not good anymore.

    I'm retired military and it was drilled into my head that my M16 was NOT a gun, it was my weapon. They explained to me that they're trying to get rid of the language that is used by anti gun folks to demonize gun ownership.

    Not sure if we can come up with anything that'll work for that. Perhaps we should just distinguish between hunting rifles and sporting rifles (or carbines)?


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    I like "battle rifle."
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    Agreed with GASmitty...A militarized carbine or rifle as related to being an 'assault rifle' as by definition has an action that is automatic specifically in firing mechanism (not loading) be burst fire or fully automatic.

    As to difference between carbine and rifle, that is IMHO minutae that overall waters down the point.
    Most people at sight cannot discern 18 inches from 21 inches from 16 inches...Nor care to do so when it comes to longarms. Even manufacturers get this one twisted which adds to the confusion.

    At home I have a Sig 556 carbine type rifle (16" barrel length).
    It is a carbine type 'rifle'.
    It is not an 'assault rifle'.
    It has an automatic loading function as by design, and supports as an OEM feature bolt action type loading too.
    It has polymer furniture.
    It is loaded using an external box magazine.
    It's roots are in military and law enforcement use.
    It is not specifically a military nor law enforcement firearm.
    It is black in color overall.

    It is a semi-automatic (automatic loading with manual single action action firing) carbine type rifle, that is a firearm not a weapon.

    Same as all of my model '1911' handguns which also are firearms not weapons.
    Same as my Mossberg 590A1 short barrel shotgun, which is slide/pump action.
    Same as the Marlin 1895 .45-70 carbine rifle I have cased to my right as used to hunt bear....Chambered to accept a specifically military applied innovation round.

    Lets not muddy the water with minutae and fine discernment of this versus that. The Brady Campaign and other antis including much of the media as well as Hollywood and fiction writers for centuries have very well done that for us which is why things are as they are today.

    Keep it simple and call a 'duck' a duck, rather than as say a 'Common Merganser' as for the folk who are in the know about minutae.

    Otherwise all that you result in is confusion, misinformation and people operating on and making decisions by assumptive ignorance.

    There are just three base types (species if you will) of firearm:
    * Rifle
    * Shotgun
    * Handgun

    There in are many different variants, or sub-species...
    Carbine, 'automatic', revolver, SBS, SBR, AOW, SMG, PDW, EBR, 'M4', 'assault rifle', 'battle rifle', slide/pump action, lever action, bolt action, break action, OU, SBS, and the list goes on longer than God's own arm.

    At the end of the day you either have a rifle, shotgun, or handgun as a civilian.

    What's next, the definition of what a combat folder knife is as opposed to a non-combat folder knife? Or how about the difference between a 'sword' and that of a cavalier and a machete?
    It can be taken to such degree of minutae that it just becomes silly and of no good purpose nor benefit, as is the case we have and have had for generations now with relation to firearms.

    Firearms have since the start been adopted by military, police and criminals for use.
    Equally so military specific design intent firearms have been from the start reapplied including at times with modified design for use by civilians such as hunters, sport & recreation shooters as well as those who simply have desire for personal and/or home land defense.

    Do not allow others, antis and the media to twist things and convince you of otherwise.

    If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck and lives on water like a duck too...Then most probably it is a duck, even if it's sub-species name is 'swan' or 'goose'.
    Also an item of _FACT_ that often times students in hunting related Waterfowl Identification courses find difficult to believe as due to physical appearances, configuration, coloration and what they think they learned from hollywood and/or the media.

    Anything and everything has been used and applied toward "combat" including Remington 870 shotguns and 700 rifles as sold at Dicks and .22 revolvers that kids and adult newbies tend to learn on. And yes AR type _rifles_ too regardless of barrel length, profile, or whether they are black and have a muzzle brake/flash hider/sound dissipation device attached at some point or not.

    - Janq owns rifle, shotgun and handgun firearms...Nothing more, nor less
    "Killers who are not deterred by laws against murder are not going to be deterred by laws against guns. " - Robert A. Levy

    "A license to carry a concealed weapon does not make you a free-lance policeman." - Florida Div. of Licensing

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    If it needs a label other than rifle, how about "Defensive rifle", or "Defensive carbine"
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    I just call them semi-auto rifles. My wfe gets tired of me correcting the TV though. LOL
    Either you are a weapon and your gun is a tool or your gun is a weapon and you are the tool.
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    The Lakota Sioux, who were attacked by the 7th Cavalry at Wounded Knee in 1890, would have probably agreed that the single shot "Trapdoor" Springfield .45-70 was an "assault rifle."

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    Call it your "man killer". That's what it is, that's what's it's designed for. Don't lie to yourself and others. If you want to own a combat rifle, then call it for what it is. You already degraded it by owning it in semi-auto, don't further humiliate it.
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