The "official" AK thread

The "official" AK thread

This is a discussion on The "official" AK thread within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; You know, I realized something looking at another thread on here. There's so many of us who own and love our AK's on this site ...

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Thread: The "official" AK thread

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    The "official" AK thread

    You know, I realized something looking at another thread on here. There's so many of us who own and love our AK's on this site that I think we deserve our own "official" thread.

    Sure, we may not have as many add-on options as the AR guys, and maybe we can't pick the wings off of a gnat at 3000 meters, but we still love them just the same!

    Got an AK-47, AK-74, AMD 65, Saiga, Galil, or any other variant of the Kalishnikov? Let's see it!

    This is my contribution: My Romanian WASR 10/63 GP. I removed the wood and added a Tapco Galil handguard, a Tapco sidefolding stock, and an ATI pistolgrip. Not too expensive of a rifle, but oh so much fun at the range. Also by adding these I lost some weight on the rifle and added about 1.25" to the LOP over the Warsaw pact length stock. I've also abandoned steel magazines in favor of Mastermold polymer magazines in an effort to save even more weight on the rifle. 1000+ rounds fired downrange, and I've yet to have one flaw, and that's with bumpfiring even.

    Also in the pics I took today, is my Mossberg 590. So here's my EBR and EBS.
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    Polytech milled receiver.Very accurate.
    I can shoot the tail off of a gnat at 15 yards...
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    I thought this thread was all about Alaska.
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    My SLR-95
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    Glad this is official. Now I can post a picture of my AK here... just as soon as I stop procrastinating and take one.
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    I like that stock for the MB that has a spot for a shell.

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    I love showing off my AK, Here is mine, it will be the one I grab if SHTF.

    Cobra Red Dot optics that are very nice. I have since went to a single point sling that I think works better then the stock sling. I have run thousands of rounds with no hick ups at all. Two tacktical rifle classes along side AR's that where giving there owners fits...LOL
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    My SBR'd Draco:

    My Romy underfolder:

    My shortened and GunKoted PSL-54C

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    I just bought one for hubby for his birthday yesterday, a Lancaster Russian Red.
    I'll have to stop procrastinating and post some pics.
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    Here's my Romanian WASR-10/63. It has 1987 stamped on the receiver. I redid the wood to my liking and don't plan to do much else to it. I may get around to mounting a RDS on it, but have a laundry list of other gun-related purchases I'd like to make first.

    I'm more of a traditionalist when it comes to Soviet guns, but the "tactical" ones look nice as well!

    Sorry the pics aren't the greatest! Need a better camera.

    Here's some pics, before
    The "official" AK thread-ak-47.jpg

    and after re-doing the wood.
    The "official" AK thread-afterredoingwood.jpg

    Here's a 5 shot grouping at like 25'.
    The "official" AK thread-grouping.jpg

    And us having fun.
    The "official" AK thread-gf.jpg
    The "official" AK thread-firingak.jpg

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    Here's a few of my babies.

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    South Carolina

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    Exclamation My Yugo AKMS


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    Eastern NC / Pirate Country

    When I leave the home port:
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    A couple underfolders. This one was a pawn, stunk of cigarette and marijuana smoke when it came in. I bought it and it's been through my #9 detox program. Wasr

    Payment for some work I did. Arsenal.

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